Feeling Grateful | Ready to experience a new paradigm of physical reality?

Feeling grateful or feeling gratitude with what is

Feeling grateful or feeling gratitude with what is and what is to come opens opportunities for manifestation to occur in our experience effortlessly!

Gratitude is the focus of the testimonial in this video session, if you are like me (the blog editor – not Nick lol) then you may want to take notes so you can sit with the experience shared in this interview, soak in the meanings, metaphors, and “AHA!” moments offered.

For many of us humans, being with the words themselves that are inspired into Nick’s Videos brings another level of power to what’s been shared!

There is a link just below if you would like to watch the conversation live via YouTube or you can follow along with the transcript just below that. Whichever you decide to do, let us know if an “AHA” moment shows up for you!

We have kept the transcripts as authentic to the recording as possible – except for a few of the extra ums and ahhhhhs … after all, keeping it real, is what’s making everything in your life real!

Are you ready to experience a new paradigm of physical reality? Watch here

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Here is the transcript – our guest speaks about how his experience changed once he began feeling grateful, now he says, “I am grateful for everything in my life”!

Speaker 1 (00:01):

In the very first month that I was using what I learned, I manifested entire human beings, the most beautiful girl I’ve probably ever dated. And it was done with such ease. I was just having fun with it. So, Nick, thank you. Can’t wait for the next call. Literally two weeks ago, out of nowhere, I got a check for 75,000 pounds and then I got well out of nowhere, again, 300,000 pounds has been left to me. And this is all within three months of joining the power manifesting collective. Um, but the biggest biggest thing for me is that I don’t even care what else shows up. I’m just having fun. And that is the key thing that I have learned and it’s made such a difference in my life. So thank you so much, Nick, since joining nine months ago, I’ve manifested a total of 18,000 euros, but the money is nothing compared to the freedom I feel inside.

Speaker 1 (01:04):

You’ve helped me change my life for the better. And I am the new man raising my glass for you here. Many thanks brother. I’m feeling grateful and stepping into the new paradigm and it’s just amazing. I mean, I love gaining clarity. I love expanding. I love knowing, uh, I love the feeling of freedom that I get every time I released an old belief or perspective. And I, I think thank you is just not enough, but thank you. A million make you’ve changed my life exactly a week. After doing a session around my split energy and relationships, I manifested the ideal partner and for the first time ever, it feels safe to be loved. Okay. So I’ve been practicing the law of attraction for a decade, but since becoming a collected member, I’ve seen so many miracles around me. I can’t keep track. Life has become breathtakingly. Beautiful. I feel like I’m free from a cage. I didn’t even know it, nothing copies to this and really is the law of attraction on steroids.


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