Feeling Stuck? | Making A Quantum Leap With Law Of Attraction

Feeling Stuck? | Making A Quantum Leap With Law Of Attraction

Feeling Stuck? | Making A Quantum Leap With Law Of Attraction is the topic covered in this video session, if you are like me (the blog editor – not Nick lol) then you like to take notes, sit with a phrase, soak in the meanings, metaphors, and “AHA!” moments through the written form.

For many of us humans, being with the words themselves that are inspired into Nick’s Videos brings another level of powerful to what’s been shared!

There is a link just below if you would like to watch the conversation live via YouTube or you can follow along with the transcript just below that. Whichever you decide to do, let us know if an “AHA” moment shows up for you!

We have kept the transcripts as authentic to the recording as possible – except for a few of the extra ums and ahhhhhs … after all, keeping it real, is what’s making everything in your life real!


Feeling Stuck| Making A Quantum Leap When You’re Feeling Stuck With Law Of Attraction  Watch here

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The transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

The feeling stuck point:

Okay. So my first question is how does one make a quantum leap? Because what I have noticed in my own life is I’m pretty decent. I’ve been studying the law of attraction for about 10 years. I’m pretty good at math. I’ve manifested a lot of great things, but I always hit a plateau where it’s like halfway, I’m great till that halfway point. And it’s like hitting a ceiling.

The question about that quantum leap:

So how can we make a quantum leap? Is it even possible? Let’s talk about exactly what quantum leap is because there’s, there’s kind of two perspectives of what quantum leap means. So the traditional perception of a quantum leap is making a big jump from here to there. Right? And I think that’s the context that you’re talking about when you mentioned quantum leap right now. Now when people ask me about quantum leaping, what I explained, and there’s a whole call in the collective about this is a real quantum leap is happening all the time.


So in every second we are quantum leaping because every time that your beliefs change, every time that your awareness change, you’re literally becoming a brand new person at a brand new vibration. And every time you do that, you’re jumping into a new reality, new reality, new reality. So if you listen to somebody like Bashar, he says that we shift realities billions of times per second, almost the same way that you see the movie strips going down, all the pictures that make up a movie, kind of the same thing. So when people ask me about quantum leap, I say, well, we’re, we’re quantum leaping every second.

Now in the context of what you’re talking about is how’d you make a big quantum leap being how’d you make a big change in your reality. And the simple answer is that the more, I think the same thoughts, the less my perspectives, negative emotions and thoughts change, then the more I’m quantum leaping to kind of the same thing, right? So small awareness shift leads to small physical reality shift, big awareness shift, big change in perception leads to bigger change in reality. So I would say what leads to a big quantum leap is a big change in perception, big change in negative emotion, big change in where you’re putting your focus. Does that kind of answer your, yeah, that’s a really interesting answer. I’ve never seen it talked about that way.


Yeah. And then when it comes to, you know, what you really talked about was, you know, you progress and then you feel like you plateau. Yeah. Right. So when we plateau like that, you know, it’s always because of resistance. So, and if time, you know, the amount of time it takes for manifestation to show up, always relates to resistance. And we can never get to a point where there’s no resistance, but we want to lower that resistance as much as possible. So forward movement always happens first and foremost at a vibrational level.

So when you’re plateauing, it’s probably because either you’re recognizing, you’re noticing I’m not there yet. I’m not there yet. I’m not there yet. I’m not there yet. Or where is it? Where is it? Or is it, where is it? Or it could be a fear, right? You could be getting really close to that thing and start noticing it. But if you’ve got a subconscious fear that, Oh, it’s not safe to manifest it, people might judge me or I might lose it, then that can create resistance too. So the source of the plateau is probably going to be something different for different people.


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