Femininity: Using The Law Of Attraction To Bring Out The Best In You!

Femininity: Using The Law Of Attraction To Bring Out The Best In You!

Femininity is something that seems to be widely smiled upon, or widely frowned upon! When our member approached this conversation about increasing the femininity that she experienced – it turned out to really be a conversation about being her authentic self.

Criticism and bullying need your permission in order to adjust how you show up in your world – let’s see how we addressed this challenge in this call below!

Using The Law Of Attraction To Bring Out The Best In You!    Watch here

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Transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

I don’t feel safe to be in my Femininity:

Q: How can I support my family to be more feminine? Or how do you say it? Is it right? Family famine inside? Yeah. I want to be more feminine. And also I have many clients. They want to be more feminine. They want to show it on the outside. You want to be really women. And how can I support this with the law of attraction?

Response: So right now, if you could measure how feminine you’re allowing yourself to be zero being you’re fully allowing it 10 being you’re completely resisting it. Where would you say your fit on that? Zero to 10 scale?

Um, I think between two and three.

Okay. So you’re all the way down to a three, which is really good. Cause you’re most of the way there.

Yeah. Yeah. A lot on this, on this challenge.

So the only reason you’re not at zero is that there’s a part of you that feels like maybe it’s unsafe to be how you want at school. Does that make sense now?

That makes sense. Yeah.

Femininity: What’s the worst thing that could happen?

So here’s a probing question. Here’s a probing question we can try. If I fully allowed myself to be that version of me, that’s completely feminine as much as I want to be. How does that feel unsafe? What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Oh, a part of me says, um, it could be that somebody hurts me.

Okay. So that’s the resistance. That’s the block. That’s preventing it. Right? So let’s, let’s see if we can play with that really quick. So I feel like somebody will hurt me because maybe in some situations I’m up strong enough. And I feel like I’m not strong enough because when I’m too feminine.

Hmm. Everybody can look inside on me. I don’t know if I want this.

Does that feel like it’s unsafe? No, not really unsafe. No.

About being vulnerable. Is that what you mean by looking inside of you?

Yeah. Maybe it’s the part of me that says yeah. If everybody can look inside of me is getting her. Yeah.

So there’s a fear that other people might reject you.



Femininity: Fear of Judgement

So everybody who judges is going to judge. So for me, with the work that I do, I’ve got people who think I’m an idiot that I shouldn’t teach this stuff, but it goes against religion. I’ve got people who judge me for the work that I do. And I’ve got people who praise me for the work that I do. Should I stop doing this work because of the people who rejected it, who judge it, and no way.  No. So should you stop being the authentic you for the people who might judge it? No. In no way, because I can guarantee you, there is more people who are going to love the authentic you more than the ones that are going to reject it.

And it’s all going to come down to your vibration, right? So if you’re vibrating at a place of worthiness and good enough newness and safety, and you’re seeing all the people who praise you, then no matter who you choose to be in, that’s what you’re going to attract.

So all of those people who reject and who judge, it’s not about you needing to be somebody to please them. It’s about you choosing to be your authentic, you, and being a vibrational match to letting them, the people who are going to love the you, that you really are.

Yeah. And I know it’s very important to be authentic. Absolutely. Because the more authentic you are, the more you’re going to be connected to your inner being.


Tough vs Feminine – is it safe for me?

Is it right when somebody is really tough, um, that, uh, this, um, you are not so connected to your inner being not to connected to your soul?

I would say somebody who is really tough. Like I think the way you’re saying is somebody who has a lot of fear. Okay. Does that make sense? Yeah. That makes sense.

People, people who bully, they bully because they’re very afraid and because they have low self-confidence or self-worth. Yeah. So that’s the part they show to the others. But in insight, yeah. They have a lot and you, by being you authentically, even if it’s triggering other people, you know what it’s exactly what they need because you triggering them is going to bring up to the surface and then what they need to deal with.

Oh, that’s the reason why I had in the last month, if you met any people. Yeah. They, they criticized me. Yeah. Especially ed Edward, especially, what I’m doing with the horses and the coaching and Oh, this critic was really sometimes hard for me. Yeah.

And that’s got nothing to do with you. It’s all about them and their inner stuff that they have going on, that you’re doing them a favor by shining a light on them. What it is that they need to work on for themselves. And maybe they’ll work on it for themselves or maybe they won’t, but that’s none of your business. Yeah. That’s right. So I think the mirror for them, like the horses for me, all, that’s a pretty nice outfit.

I love it. I have to write it down. Excellent. Thank you for playing!

Oh, I say thank you, Nick. That was great. Thank you so much.


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