Finding The Perfect Balance Between “Focusing On Your Desires” And Letting Them Go…

Finding The Perfect Balance - Desires “Focusing and letting go!”

Balance! How do we find and maintain a balance that allows us to be more grounded and peaceful? Even coaches, great coaches as you will see below, face this same challenge! In this video, we are also looking into what to let go, when to let go and how letting go supports achieving balance – it’s not something everyone thinks to do however it sure does take off a LOAD!

Here’s to you all finding some sweet Balance!

Finding The Perfect Balance Between “Focusing On Your Desires” And Letting Them Go…    Watch here

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The transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

Finding Balance: Does location matter?

Right. We are alive. Welcome, Karen, uh, to another five episodes or five questions episode. Uh, Karen, you are in beautiful Austria. Did you say, and I pictured you being surrounded by beautiful mountains. Yeah, the beautiful mountains and the woods and the lakes. I love it. And the horses and the horses. I have two horses.

Awesome. Awesome. And you’ve gotten, you’ve been studying this law of attraction stuff for awhile. You’ve got your own coaching practice, so I’m excited to see what kind of questions you’ve come up with. Do you want to go ahead and get started? Yeah, we can start. I’m ready.

Does your focus have a reason? Does it impact your balance?

What do you, where do you have for me? What’s your first question? So my first question is, um, I know that it’s very important to keep the focus. Yeah. And I know it’s so important, uh, when you have a desire and when you think about your desire that you let it go. So, but how can I find the right balance between keeping the focus and let it go? So the key thing that comes to mind is getting yourself to a place where you’re still focused, but you’re focused for a different reason.

So most people who are trying to manifest are focusing on that desire with the intent to make it show up, right? So basically there’s this vibration of, I’m going to focus to make this thing. That’s not here, show up, I’m going to focus to make this thing, this thing that’s not here, show up, I’m going to focus to make this thing. That’s not here show up. So when you’re doing that, what vibration do you think people are practicing?

Energy and intent vs Focus – the effect on Balance:

Exactly. So it’s not so much that people are focusing too much or not focusing enough. It’s the energy and intent behind the focus. So what you want to do, when you think about your desire, you want to think about your desire from the underlying energy of focusing on that desire, not to make it show up, but for the pure enjoyment and the pure pleasure of that dream and of that desire.

Um, have you heard me talk about how I manifested my way onto that mega yacht back in March? Yeah. I heard it. Yeah. Yeah. And all I did, I wasn’t intending to manifest my way onto a mega yacht. All I was doing was watching YouTube videos and taking pleasure in the existence of these mega-yachts and how much fun it would be to explore it.

And really all it took for that desire to manifest was just me dreaming up of the desire from the energy of the pleasure of the desire itself. Does that make sense? Yeah. Makes sense. Yeah. So when you have the feeling, uh, yeah, this embodiment, is it right?

How does Momentum affect results?

Is this embodiment, so when you feel it when you’re in this situation and this is milk, the momentum, is it right? Yeah. Yeah. Just, just making pleasure that priority. Right. Really just, just milking how good that dream feels, enjoying the dream for the dream, rather than the energy of, I have to have it.

It’s got to show up. I can’t, I can’t be happy until it shows up, which is where most people and most people, the reason they have that desire is that they want that desire in some way to quickly bring relief or to bring you to a better feeling place. Right. And if you can get to that better feeling place without that desire and take pleasure in the desire, just for the sheer pleasure of the desire itself, that’s really, what’s going to let it.

So, but this is exactly what I experienced. Uh, especially the last days I make all the things unconsciously. And that’s my challenge now because I want to learn it. I want to understand it. I want to know what I’m doing. So this is sometimes, uh, things show up, um, in one day so bad, it has to come fast. And those things that show up that fast, it’s typically the things that we’re more detached about, right? Where you say something in passing, Oh, I wish I had this thing. That would be really nice.

Overfocusing is not balanced – is it blocking your desires?

And then like, you don’t give it much thought and you don’t give it much focus because like the thought and the focus as we’re having this discussion is making me realize in wonder, I think most people are over-focusing. I think most people are blocking the desire because of the focus, the amount of focus of putting into it, because they’re coming at it from that place of that thing is yeah.

And because they have such a strong focus, they block it. Right. Absolutely. And it’s not the focus that blocks it. It’s the attention to the fact that it’s not here yet that blocks it as they’re doing that focus. Yeah. Because that focusing so strong, um, create a, like, right.

Depends on the energy you’re coming at it from. Right? Yeah. So if you’re laying by the pool, if you’re really relaxed, if you’re not feeling any desperation for something and you don’t care, whether it’s going to show up tomorrow or in a year from now, and you’re just focused on it and you’re in pleasure and you’ve got that strong focus and it could show up within a couple of days.

But if the focus comes from a place of discomfort where I need that money to show up, I need that money to show up. I need that money to show up. That’s a very different energy and focus. And that’s the one that causes resistance. Yeah. Yeah. That’s it. Because I had such a good time last, last weekend and um, I needed a new office and yeah, I think at three, four days later, I got the key from a new office.

You probably had no feelings of desperation for that office, right? No, no. I just knew I want that style. I want to do in this place. I want all the people around me. Yeah. And here we go. I have it. It’s funny how sometimes it’s so easy. Manifestation is so easy and it’s so hard. It’s, it’s, it’s a fun game to play. What I did. I was, uh, I made a trip with my horse for two hours up in the word. No thinking, just get out of the head. Totally out of the energy of the problem.


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