Goal Setting That Works Seamlessly With The Law Of Attraction

Goal Setting That Works Seamlessly With The Law Of Attraction

Smart goal setting begins with knowing what is important when setting a goal! Nick Breau offers a unique perspective towards a goal setting definition that takes into account how you feel when setting a goal.

You can watch this engaging conversation over on YouTube with the link below, or if you are like many – the transcript is available here for you to sit with and consider.

Creating Goals That Work Seamlessly With The Law Of Attraction  Watch here

Transcript for “Creating Goals That Work Seamlessly With The Law Of Attraction”:

One more. Yeah, keep going. We still got another 10 minutes. Um, how do you, uh, this one, I’m really curious about how to lose the fear of losing, um, your goal after a long period of all these little synchronicities and happy moments regarding your goal as if you were already there. Okay. So in the context of the law of attraction, what is important?

Is it the goal that’s important or is it the journey to the goal? That’s important. I believe in the journey too, because that is what brings you joy.

Like, I’m like, okay, Whoa, what is about to happen next? And then I feel like, Oh dear, now I jinxed it. No, no, you can’t jinx it you’re. So to me it sounds like you’re, you’re in alignment that you’re flowing to me, it sounds like you’re doing everything perfectly. Right? So it’s about understanding that everything that you’re going to experience is a co-creation between you and your inner being. Okay. And your inner being is infinitely powerful. Right? So anything that you experience is something that’s co-created with your inner being who is unconditionally loving, who can create any circumstance. So whatever circumstance you find yourself in, it has to be for your highest good, because it was co-created by source.

Makes sense. Makes sense. Yeah. So all you need to do is just keep milking the pleasure of the journey and the more you’re focused on enjoying the journey, the happier you are, the more pleasure you’re taking in the journey, the less you’re going to care about the destination. Right. That is true. Do you care what manifests over here? If you’re already in pleasure all the time? No, because it’s a lot of thumb to see all these small things appearing right in front of you. Exactly. And do you know when all of those things show up? Sorry.

Do you know what allows those things to show up? It’s my excitement, my joy, my eagerness to see what else is coming when you’re having so much fun that you don’t care when those things show up. That’s when they typically show up. Yeah. I really hope I can keep it going. Yeah. Don’t don’t hope. Choose, decide. I’m going to keep it going, right? Yeah. I’m going to find a way to milk my entire day. The same way I do when I drink my coffee. Right. I want to practice that and I’m going to just enjoy the journey for what the journey is and see where it takes me. Awesome.


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