How to Attract Love and Money : The Vibrational Relationship

How to attract Love and Money | The link between them!

How to attract Love and Money are two of the most sought-after desires people want fulfillment for and yet the struggle most people are experiencing is real! In this recorded video session with a member of the collective, we explore the relationship between our human self and both money and love.

There is a link just below if you would like to watch the conversation live or you follow along with the transcript just below. Whichever you decide to do, let us know if an “AHA” moment shows up for you!

How to attract Love and Money | The  Vibrational Relationship between both:    Watch here

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Money and Love: Transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

Yeah, my next question is, um, I know money is A frequency and a relationship with a partner is also a vibration. And I know both are a relationship what does the relationship to money have in common with a relationship to a partner?

So we all have our attraction point, right? When learning how to attract love and money we start by understanding that its all relative. So everything in our reality is a reflection of what we have going on in our attraction point. So with money, you’re going to have things specific to money with relationships.

You’re going to ask things specific to relationships, but you’re also going to have things that apply to both of those. So for example, if you’ve got feelings of not good enough, then your money situation might reflect not good enough. And your relationship situation might reflect not good enough.

So one way to identify if it’s the same thing or different things is just to ask a few probing questions. So do you want to dig in a little bit and see what we can maybe identify? Yeah. Okay, perfect. So right now, are you in a relationship? Are you single?

You’re single. Okay. And how many past significant relationships would you say you’ve been in?

Um, three.

Clearing the Love and Money Blocks | Check for Patterns

Okay. And did you ever notice a pattern in the people you would attract and relationships?

A pattern? Yeah. I left at the first relationship. My boyfriend left me and my husband. I left my husband and the last relationship also, I stopped.

Okay. So if you go to the most recent one, what was the worst or the hardest part about that relationship? Was he controlling? Could you never do what you wanted? Was he very judgmental? If you had to kind of identify one common challenge or struggle in that relationship, was he maybe closed up emotionally? Does something come to mind?

No, not so close. I always had a feeling. Um, they had not the, I, especially with my husband, I had my divorced seven years ago. He had not the time for me that I wanted.

He was never there for you.


Okay. And the fact that he was not there for you, what emotion does that trigger? Does that make trigger a feeling of “not good enough”, unworthy, or abandoned? If you had to pick an emotion to go along with him not being there for you, what would you pick?

I was not so important to him.

Perfect. Okay. And that was with your marriage?


So kind of an unworthy, unimportant feeling.

Yeah. I’m worthy yeah. Also. Yeah. Yeah, I did know. Yeah.

Perfect. So now that we see the pattern and it’s this feeling of unworthiness, is it possible that there could be a feeling of unworthiness when it comes to the money too? That could be my guess is probably okay.


So this unworthy for you, that’s what I call a dominant-negative emotion. Most people have one to three of these dominant negative emotions. Once these are cleared the Love and Money are easily available to you.

There’s another process that I use called the attraction point audit that we usually do to identify all of these things.

But, you know, we did a little quick version here and for you, what came up was unworthy. So I would say that that is the dominant thing. Getting in your way of relationship and money, success. Do you want to try doing a little bit of cleaning work on it?



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