How to use freedom | How To Manifest Freedom

How to use freedom and how to manifest freedom

How to use freedom | How To Manifest Freedom – is the topic covered in this video session, if you are like me (the blog editor – not Nick lol) then you like to take notes, sit with a phrase, soak in the meanings, metaphors, and “AHA!” moments through the written form.

For many of us humans, being with the words themselves that are inspired into Nick’s Videos brings another level of powerful to what’s been shared!

There is a link just below if you would like to watch the conversation live via YouTube or you can follow along with the transcript just below that. Whichever you decide to do, let us know if an “AHA” moment shows up for you!

We have kept the transcripts as authentic to the recording as possible – except for a few of the extra ums and ahhhhhs … after all, keeping it real, is what’s making everything in your life real!


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The transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

Hey, it’s Nick here. It’s Saturday morning. Pumpkin’s partnership. The video, this video is all about freedom, and this video, it was originally going to be shot for those of you who are in my freedom formula, facilitators training, my freedom leaders. Uh, however, I felt like this was an important topic to share with everybody. Uh, so I’m going to post this more openly.

So let’s talk about freedom. This is the one thing that everybody wants the most when they come to law of attraction, whether you realize it or not, most people are trying to manifest money. They’re asking how do we get more money? But really what they’re looking for is freedom. Now, here is what I want you to reflect on, on this topic. So I posted a question a few days ago, asking, you know, on a zero to 10 scale, what would you rank your level of freedom?


And most people are, you’re saying, you know, I’m at a six, I’m at an eight, I’m at a five. And the reason I’m not at a 10 is because of this circumstance, that circumstance, the other circumstance, this hasn’t shown up yet, that hasn’t shown up yet. Now, what I want you to self reflect on is to ask yourself is freedom, an external circumstance or an internal experience, right? So first let’s start by defining what most people call freedom, right? All people say freedom is the ability to do what you can when you want to do it. Right? So freedom is really perceived as your ability to be able to do the things you want. And if we take a step back from that, essentially people are perceiving freedom. As an external experience. Freedom is a way that I experienced my reality. It’s me being able to do what I want.


Right? And what I encourage you to do is change your perception, change your definition. The way that you’re going to change, what is going on out here, here is by first changing what’s going on in here, because out here is always a reflection of what’s going on here.

Yep. So what I want you to do in order to, to manifest more of what you want out here is to remind you that you need to live the freedom internally before you seek it out here and there, the way you do that is by stop chasing after the circumstances to feel free, you got to feel free on mean insight dot, right? And this is law of attraction basics you guys in the facilitator program. I know this is just a reminder for you guys. However, by changing the way you perceive freedom, you make it so much more attainable.


So perceive freedom as a state of being as a state that you tune into. And that state is always available right now. You have the freedom to watch this video, to turn it off, to go outside for a walk, to go get a glass of water. You have the freedom of speech. You can say whatever you want, you can post it online. If you want, you have absolute freedom in the sentence because of the way you choose to feel and the aspects that you choose to tune into. So maybe right now, you don’t have the physical freedom to get on a plane and fly to Bali and spend a month in Bali doing whatever you want. But freedom is still a vibration.

You have the ability to tune into, right? So what I encourage you to do, especially my facilitators in the training is I spend a month practicing freedom from the vantage point of a state of being, rather than the vantage point of creating experiences out here or manipulating physical reality out here in a way that gives me the ability to physically do what I want and what will happen over time is as you continue to practice the internal freedom, your physical reality will begin to remold in a way where the external freedoms that you’re looking for, looking to manifest, looking to achieve are going to begin to show up through cooperative components, such as mine, right?


Money is the biggest cooperative component when it comes to freedom. Because if you don’t have the money, you can’t physically do what you want, but when you stop trying to make the money show up to achieve the freedom. When you focus on achieving the freedom internally, once you do bask in the feeling of freedom that you always have access to physical reality will remold to give you those experiences that you seek. So again, all of this to say, Sturt changing the way you perceive what it is, start practicing, turning into freedom as an experience internally as a state of being, making the state of being your priority, rather than experiences your priority.

And over time that momentum will lead you to those experiences. So a little bit of freedom talk this morning. I hope that serves you well as a challenge, drop a comment below and list as many things as you can in 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or maybe list five things, five ways you can experience freedom in your now five things you can do to tune into that feeling and practice on a day-to-day basis. So I hope this was useful for you. Uh, wishing you an abundance of all you seek, uh, both inside and out.



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