Is Karma Real? | A Question About Abraham Hicks And Karma

Is Karma Real

Is Karma Real? A Question About Abraham Hicks And Karma

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Abraham says karma is not real, Hindus say karma is real and Nick Breau shares their meaning of karma, and how it works! Below is the transcript of this video for those who prefer to read or take in the words. It is raw, as sometimes conversations are:

Beginning of Transcript:

And I have one last question for you. And this is a very interesting one for me because I’ve been studying, we talked about this earlier, um, Abraham Hicks for a while, and I believe she says that karma doesn’t exist, but I come from Hinduism. And so for me, all of everything I believe is a combination of the law of attraction with Hindu philosophy. So that doesn’t sit right with me. But so I just choose not to kind of look at that aspect of what she says, but I’d like to know what you think about that. Yeah.

Response: So love attractions allow light gravity. So anytime anybody says, what’s the law of attraction. I say it’s physics just like gravity. The only difference is gravity. Let go of something that falls law of attraction is whatever you’re putting out is what you get back. Now, karma kind of ties into that a little bit. I don’t know what the exact, you know, definition of karma is that you’re using. Um, but the way I perceive I would perceive karma to fit in with law of attraction is, you know, if I’m a mean angry person than I am at the vibration of anger. So I will attract circumstances that trigger anger. Right? So I would say the way karma works is not around good or bad, but more around the vibration I’m putting out is the vibration I’m going to get back.

Okay. Does that kind of fit together? Weave it together a little bit. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. What about consequences? How do people get consequences for their actions? That’s a good question. And I guess it depends on how you even would perceive content. Yeah. Yeah. That’s something right. Because always people, there’s always this term of like, why do bad things happen to good people? And why does it always seem like bad people get away with everything? Yeah. And I don’t like the term consequence because the term consequence makes it sound like you’ve done something bad. Um, but the vibe, you know, I would say all of physical reality is a vibrational consequence. If I am putting out, you know, good enough newness and worthiness and love and positive vibrations, while the consequences going to be a lovely reality. If I’m putting out negativity and anger and lower negative emotions, then the consequence of that vibration is going to attract a very different physical reality.

Right? So I, I would say consequences of response to your vibration, not, uh, you shouldn’t be like that or do this. I’m going to punish you. So then why are there so many low vibration, negative people who are very successful in the outside material world, because success, isn’t a reflection of your intent. Success is reflection of your beliefs. So if I believe without a shadow of a doubt that I’m going to be a billionaire next month with no doubts, no resistance. And that’s what I’ll experience. And my intent is, is unrelated. Wow. I’m so glad you clarified that because I was looking for that exact explanation and I wasn’t finding it like, how is that possible? So can you say that again, intent it’s not we’ll get into is, is from sources, vantage point, there is no right or wrong. There is no good or bad.

There’s only physical reality experiences. So some souls decide to incarnate as whether Theresa some souls decide to incarnate as maybe somebody who sells drugs and commits crimes and source doesn’t perceive that as right or wrong, good or bad source perceives it as just two different physical reality experiences that us as non physicals can choose to come here and experience for our own growth and expansion. So I don’t think source perceives right wrong. Good, bad. Because all contrast is valid. All contrast is an experience of growth and expansion of our souls because we are infinite beings. Got it. Thank you. Yeah. And of course, as humans who are here in the physical, having the experience, of course we prefer love, and of course we prefer ease and of course we prefer peace. Um, but you know, this is a duality based physical reality where you can’t experience those things. If the negative aspect doesn’t exist either. Got it. Thank you. That could be a very deep conversation that could go along for sure. Yes, absolutely.

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