Negative Emotions: Clearing Up A Dominant One! 

Clearing Up A Dominant Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are something every human will face at some point, but what does it mean to have a Dominant Negative Emotion? How do you address those?

In this video, you can join the collective as we explore the topic of unworthiness and what that means in terms of attraction points. Below is the transcript for you to follow along or click on the link to view on YouTube!

Clearing Up A Dominant Negative Emotion…Step By Step!   Watch here

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Transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

“Clearing Up A Dominant Negative Emotion – Step by Step!”

So this unworthy for you, that’s what I call a dominant-negative emotion.

Most people have one to three of these dominant negative emotions. Um, there’s another process that I use called the attraction point audit that we usually do to identify all of these things. But, you know, we did a little quick version here and for you, what came up was unworthy.

So I would say that is the dominant thing. Getting in your way of relationship and money. Success. Do you want to try doing a little bit of cleaning work on it? How to clear the unworthy feeling? Are you familiar with the belief tree process? Yes, I know it.

Yeah. Awesome. Have you done the belief tree process on the unworthy feeling? Oh, I did a lot of time. A lot of times. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. I tried, but I didn’t get the results that I expected. Yeah. And that’s why it’s easier with the practitioner, some delts guiding the sessions. So let’s give it a try and see what we can do with real quick.

Clearing the Negative Emotions process:

So that unworthy feelings zero to 10. How strongly? Um, I guess it’s nine. Bye. Okay. And I feel unworthy because the first thing that pops in your head, maybe. Yeah. I’m not good enough. Okay. So I feel unworthy because I’m not good enough.

And zero to 10. How strong is the I’m not good enough? Nine. Okay. And the first thing that pops in your head, when I say, I feel like I’m not good enough because I just learned a simple job. I didn’t go to university. I didn’t study anything. So my school education is, yeah. It’s not what society says you should do. That’s not bad what everybody expected from me. Okay. So it’s not what others expected. Yeah. Okay. So the work that I do has nothing to do with my degrees or any of the stuff I took an education. Does that automatically mean that I’m not good enough? So why does it mean you’re not good enough?

Yeah. That’s so funny because I know it in my consciousness. Yes. I know it. And I can’t understand why it always pops up, but you still feel it. Yeah. I still feel it. Yeah. So the first thing that pops into your head, I feel this way because don’t try to think it just feel it, I feel this way because I’m not so successful. Like I want it to be, so I’m not what I want to be. Yeah. So you’re taking two-hour horse rides on your horse. You live in a beautiful place. You’ve got beautiful energy. I’m guessing you’re probably a pretty happy person. Would you agree with that? Yes, I am. That sounds like you’re more successful than 95% of society.

Would you agree with that? Yeah. Can we throw out this, that you’re not successful? Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Doing coaching for 10 years and you obviously good at that if you’ve been helping people for 10 years, right? Yeah. Okay. So can we agree that you being not successful? Doesn’t make sense.

Yeah. It doesn’t make sense. It’s right. So this not good enough feelings, it’s still a nine or is it shifting? No, there is a big shift. Yeah. Three, three. Okay. And I still feel like I’m not good enough because, because I didn’t earn the money that I want anybody who hasn’t earned the money that they want is automatically not good enough. I know.

The inner critic and negative emotions:

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I want you to notice that every reason that your inner critic is giving you to make you believe that you’re not good enough. It’s. Not good enough for you. Doesn’t make sense. So the first thing that pops up in my head is because I couldn’t realize my dream right now, because I haven’t read the last years and I couldn’t manifest it till today. Just because you weren’t there yet. Does it mean you’re not enough? No. I want to have trained practitioners doing this work in every country on this planet. I want a hundred practitioners doing this work in the next 12 months. I’m not there yet. The program doesn’t launch for another two weeks. Does that mean I’m not good enough? No. No. Good. So still three. It doesn’t feel like it’s pretty much gone because I know you’re good enough. I know. You’re good enough. Your inner being knows you’re good enough. I’m sure you’ve got lots of friends who know it. Right. That’s right. Good. So this unworthy feeling, is it still a nine?

What number would you give it now? Two. Two. And I still feel like I’m unworthy because I don’t know. I don’t have any validation. Any reason? No. They had no reason, nothing bobs up in my head. I think it’s probably gone. Good.

So now can you take a second and anchor in feel in all of the cells in your body, how worthy you really are because your inner being would not create a version of you? That’s not worthy, not possible. You are absolutely worthy. Can you feel it? Yeah. It’s a great feeling. Yeah. Okay. Do you feel lighter now? Much lighter. Good. Let’s see if we can squeeze in one more question.

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