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Opposites | “How to always benefit from Contrast” – is the topic covered in this video session, if you are like me (the blog editor – not Nick lol) then you like to take notes, sit with a phrase, soak in the meanings, metaphors and “AHA!” moments through the written form.

For many of us humans, being with the words themselves that are inspired into Nick’s Videos brings another level of power to what’s been shared! Opposites attract – that’s a fact, did you know the benefit of being opposite is that you bring contrast that has the potential to polish your relationship to a find sparkly diamond of a jewel!

There is a link just below if you would like to watch the conversation live via YouTube or you can follow along with the transcript just below that. Whichever you decide to do, let us know if an “AHA” moment shows up for you!

We have kept the transcripts as authentic to the recording as possible – except for a few of the extra ums and ahhhhhs … after all, keeping it real, is what’s making everything in your life real!

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“How to always benefit from Contrast”: Transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

Hey everybody. It’s Nick here. Hope you’re doing well. Uh, it is what day is today? Tuesday morning, and I felt inspired to shoot a video, have some green tea. And this morning, I want to talk to you about contrast and more specifically, how to always benefit from the contrast that you’re experiencing, because not everybody is allowing themselves to benefit from the contrast, even though the contrast is designed to serve it.

So, first of all, what is contrast? Contrast is those opposite or opposing things that you don’t want to think about because, in our lives, the things that create wobble oftentimes are unexpected. It might be a breakup, it might be losing your job. It might be a medical condition, a health condition.

Contrast is, defined at least in the old law of attraction. As the kind of the things that are unwanted. And when it comes to experience in contrast, people tend to fall into one or two categories.

One category is very non-serving. Uh, the other category is actually empowering and what I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing as they fall into contrast. And there’s been a lot of contrast going on for a lot of people lately is they fall into victimhood. They fall into the state of, Oh, not again, Oh, poor me. Oh, this sucks. Or how do I fix this? It’s the opposite of what they desire that’s occurring? “I need somebody to help me quick!”

Um, they allow the contrast to move you in a disempowered state where you see the contrast as something external to you, something that’s happening to you, something that you have no control, right? That’s the old paradigm way of, of seeing and perceiving contrast is really what I would call, you know, falling into the victim hood, uh, state of, uh, response and the more empowered way, the other way you want to look at contrast, this course is the empowered approach because you can’t change it.


And anything, if you don’t own it, right. And instead of falling into a state, because being disempowered by your contrast, feeling like you’re a victim to your contrast, you want, um, to look at your contrast from a true state of empowerment, from a state of, Oh, good, more life experience to teach me something more life experience, to help me grow, to learn more about my alignment, to make some vibrational adjustments within my attraction action point to become a better vibrational match to what I want. And I want to remind you that all of life is a co-creation right? Co-creation you were in your being with source. And remember, wanna remind you that source is not only infinitely intelligent, but it’s also unconditionally loving, right? So think about this one source. Co-create an experience with you for you. Okay. Knowing source is unconditionally loving and infinitely intelligence.

What it create a circumstance that is not in your benefit. That’s not something that is, has the opportunity to create something positive for you. Source would never co-create something for you that is bad for you, right?

So all this to say is that when we experience contrast, no, that the contrast is there for your expansion, for your growth, for new awareness and the most important mindset shift you want to have the most important perspective you want to carry in practice is that my contrast is always serving me.

My contrast is always leveling me up. My contrast is always leading me to bigger and better things. And from that vantage point, from that perspective, from that book belief system, the contrast always has to take you there, right?

But it can’t do that. If you’re seeing contrast as a bad, as a negative, as a discipline Howard thing, that’s happening beyond your control that you can do anything about and that’s just wing it.

So that’s my tip. That’s my most important piece of advice around that I’m experiencing contrast about experiencing the unwanted, uh, take a little bit time and reflect on the contrast you’ve experienced lately and how you’re perceiving it, right.

Are you perceiving it as bad negative?

Where are you perceiving it as opportunity? And are you approaching it from that position of opportunity, then allowing yourself to self-reflect on it to dive in and explore what you’ve got going on vibrationally that might need to be shifted to take you to a better place.

So thanks for watching hope this was useful for you. Drop a comment. Let me know. Um, how are you going to perceive your contrast moving forward and where are you going? Allow it.


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“Is the opposite of what you want in contrast – or – is that opposite the path towards what you truly want?”