Physical Pain Is Taking Her Out Of Alignment

Physical Pain - Pain can take any of us into a state where we are "Out Of Alignment"

Physical Pain – Pain Is Taking Her Out Of Alignment | is the topic covered in this video session, many of you like to take notes, sit with a phrase, soak in the meanings, metaphors, and “AHA!” moments through the written form.

For many of us humans, being with the words themselves that are inspired into Nick’s Videos brings another level of powerful to what’s been shared!

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We have kept the transcripts as authentic to the recording as possible – except for a few of the extra ums and ahhhhhs … after all, keeping it real, is what’s making everything in your life real!

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Transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

And so my next question is why is it that I realized the past one to two years I have come so far in alignment. I have a solid morning routine. I’ve been, even though I have all of this to-do lists, I feel so happy every day. I feel so great every day. And yet as much as that has increased, so has all of the pain in my body. How could that happen? I have more pain and my doctor just says, she says, it’s age, it’s menopause.

It’s, you know, it’s just sort of, what is the biological? What is the emotional, um, so do you have any type of diagnosis? Is it in your joints? Can you describe the pain a little bit? Just a lot of like five pain, just quad pain out of nowhere, it just came and then it stayed forever at night, like having trouble sleeping at night.

And I know you said that you have to get that restorative sleep at night, otherwise you in so many ways, but yeah. Leg pain. Um, I have a tear in my shoulder. I don’t even know where that came from. I’m just getting all of these weird physical pain manifestations that are taking me out of alignment when I’m already in alignment. So I shouldn’t be feeling really good physically, too, reflecting something going on in your attraction point.

So the thigh pain, is it muscular or is it like a joint dealer? I’ve never actually looked up in this book. Okay. Thank you for doing that. I’m very curious. Um, there’s nothing for myself and there was nothing. Let me look for, I mean, if it’s muscular and then the other, so if I asked you, how does that condition make me feel? So what emotion or can you describe the pain?

Yeah, it’s really ache. It’s like a deep, deep ache, constant ache. And when did it start? It started about four or five months ago and sporadically now it’s become more and more consistent. Okay. And was there any thing going on about five months ago that was maybe bringing up some emotional stuff, maybe under more stress, under more pressure? Actually, it’s the opposite. I’ve gotten so much better, so much happier, so much more aligned than I ever was before.

So that’s why I didn’t understand how that could happen from being feeling really good. Okay. And the muscle condition, does it feel tight? Does it feel tense? Does it just feel sore? Yeah. It’s just sore achiness that doesn’t sometimes let you sleep at night because you toss and turn because of it. Okay. And what would you say is your biggest source of worry? Is it work in your business?

Yes. I think just long-term financial security, you know, wanting to retire in a good way when that time comes. That’s pretty much my only real worry. And do you have Titan tense, neck, and shoulders? Yes. But that’s always been the case. Yeah. So my guess is it probably comes from the stress and pressure you’re putting on yourself to like, you got to figure it out. I got to figure it out. That would prevent you from getting into those deeper rest and repair modes when you’re sleeping. Um, I love to find something in the book though, that relates to that. It’s not a tendon problem.

I’m going to keep thinking about what to look up in this book because there’s, let me just look up just the legs, just to see. Yeah. Usually, you need like a specific condition. Like isn’t there. Let’s just look up a muscle. Let’s just see muscle. Yeah. Muscle pain you think is the main thing. So here it says muscle weakness often represents an inner weakness due to combination of emotional exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed or feeling rigid and guilty.

You don’t know you, you not only don’t acknowledge your power, you may have abandoned, abandoned it. You may be lying for time when you had no problems and were free of stressful and angry people in your life. You seem to feel guilty about being the cause of problems within family feeling blame for mistakes. How does any of that feel? Oh yeah. Overwhelmed. That’s my main thing. That’s the dominant part of my life is overwhelming. Yeah. So my guess is it probably relates to that [inaudible].


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