Shift Happens.

I've compiled a list of some of my best tools and resources below. If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach via the contact form.

Top Resources

The Power Manifesting Ecourse 
Free Ecourse covering the 4 Fundamental aspects to the art of manifestation   click here for details
The Power Manifesting Collective
Nick's private membership community focused on the practical application of the Law of Attraction in order to achieve big results.   click here for details


Power Manifesting (Paperback & Kindle)
Unlock Your Full Potential as a Leading Edge Creator   view on amazon
The Power of Joy (Paperback & Kindle)
A Straight Up Guide to Lasting Freedom, Effortless Abundance, and a Limitless Life   view on amazon
Single No More (Paperback & Kindle)
Why You're Not Attracting the Partner You Want (And What to Do About It) view on amazon 


Relationship Breakthrough Kit (Free)
A 3 part video series including worksheets to assist you in uncovering why you attract the relationships you attract and how to shift them once and for all.  insant access (free)


Exploring the Inner Inbox
Nick shares how de-cluttering the proverbial inbox of your life can make room for love and happiness.  watch now
LOA Changed My Life - Webinar Recording
Sixty-minute webinar to help better understand the truth behind the Law of Attraction and how it applies to the wanted and unwanted circumstances in your life.  watch now