Vibe Check – The ultimate in Understanding Alignment and Vibration

Vibe Check - The ultimate in Understanding Alignment and Vibration

Vibe check – Who ever thought this would be such an integral part of human engagement, but tens of thousands of people are now doing a regular vibe check test with friends and loved ones.

How’s your vibe meaning how aligned with knowing that you have what you want are you feeling – is the basis of what is a vibe check. Understanding that
vibe definition let’s have a look at what Nick has to teach us about understanding the difference between your vibration and your alignment.

Understanding Alignment and Vibration  Watch here

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The transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

Getting, what you want is not about alignment. Getting what you want is a vibrational match. People who are not in alignment are still manifesting all the time, right? Typically it’s not going to be what they want, right. If they’re not in alignment, but if somebody has I high, high, high expectations of I’m going to get into Yale, I’m going to get into Yale.

I’m going to get into Yale. If they’re a vibrational match to that experience and they have the high expectations, they’ll still manifest it. Right? So alignment and manifestation slash vibrational match are two completely different things. The difference is from a place of alignment. Life is typically going to unfold with ease, with flow, with effortlessness, with satisfaction, with intuitive impulses, you’ll live life in the new paradigm versus in the old paradigm of effort and struggle to get what you want. Does that make sense? It does. Yeah. Very clear.


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