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what is manifestation? is it old news?

What is manifestation? What does manifestation mean? What does manifestation mean spiritually?

Do you find yourself asking these questions about manifestation? Here others asking them? Nick Breau addresses these often asked questions with his insightful teachings in this video, he also tells us whey manifestation thinking might be actually blocking the manifestations you are seeking.

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The transcript for those who prefer to read is below:

From a place of alignment. Life is typically going to unfold with ease, with flow, with effortlessness, with satisfaction, with intuitive impulses, you’ll live life in the new paradigm versus in the old paradigm of effort and struggled to get what you want. Does that make sense? Does yeah. Yeah. Very clear. No we’re most of us who’ve been in the collector for at least a little while, understand that it is not about manifestation anymore because when you’re looking for manifestation, you’re looking for reasons to feel good. It’s circumstantial, you’re getting in your way.

You’re practicing absence of desire. Manifestation is old news, right? If you really want to live the reality that you have in your mind, the dream reality, the satisfying reality, the fun reality, the pleasurable reality it’s about making new paradigm priority. And the irony is when you’re in the new paradigm, you’re enjoying reality so much. You don’t care about manifestation anymore. And when you don’t care about manifestation anymore, what happens to the resistance goes away. And when resistance goes away, what starts to show up good stuff as you’ve been chasing for in the first place. Right. Perfect. Does that answer your question? Okay, Linda. Yeah, it really does. Thank you. Awesome. Thanks Linda. Uh, let’s talk.

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