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Meet Nick.

Breakthrough Specialist. Happiness Expert. Computer hacker turned people hacker. Amazon Bestselling Author, Keynote Speaker and Alignment Seeker. Nick is known for his success in both the world of The Law of Attraction and in mental health.

What does Nick do?

Nick helps people break free from their struggle, connect with their inner being and find alignment so they can milk reality for everything it's worth. 

Moncton [Nov 2017], London [Nov 2017] & NY [Jan 2018]

A transformational experience designed to help you bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

Who does Nick work with? 

Over the last 5 years Nick has accumulated an international roster of clients including wallstreet traders. Music professionals and producers. Personal Coaches. Professional Athletes. Nurses. CEO's. Teachers. Real Estate Agents, Students and even stay at home moms.
Businesses & Agencies
Nick understands corporate wellness. He's worked with private companies and government agencies to help relieve stress, bring happiness and increase productivity in the workplace.
Looking to deliver a life altering message focused on big breakthroughs at your next event? Nick is an experienced keynote speaker focused on helping individuals learn how to shift their life from the inside out. 

What is Nick known for?


Big Breakthroughs

Having worked with clients in nearly a dozen countries Nick has seen  big breakthroughs all around the globe. From bad relationship pattern to insomnia. Chronic pain to difficulty conceiving. From being stuck in unwanted career situations to not being able to attract clients,  Nick get big results for his clients, has an extraordinarily high success rate, and is extremely dedicated to helping his clients make the shift they're looking for.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is fundamentally simple.The practical application, is not. Nick specializes in helping individuals successfully apply The Law of Attraction so they can achieve the same results he's achieved in his life. His focus isn't just on teaching you the concepts, he wants to get you successfully applying them.


The Power of Joy  is your catalyst to inner transformation. Nick's Amazon best selling book is a straight up guide to lasting freedom, effortless abundance and a limitless life.  

Exploring the Inner Inbox

Nick shares how de-cluttering the proverbial inbox of your life can make room for love and happiness. A former computer programmer, Nick is a strong believer that by de-cluttering your inner self, you can greatly enhance your happiness. The author of The Power of Joy, Nick spends his time helping others reprogram their reality in order to shift beyond their biggest struggles. [Click play to watch the video]

Corporate Wellness

Because inner wellness matters too. True well being comes from a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy spirit. Corporate wellness is almost exclusively focused on the physical leaving behind an equally important aspect; the mind. Pressure and stress both at work and everyday life impacts employees levels of happiness, concentration, focus, productivity and overall well being. Nick is on a mission to bring mental and emotional wellness to the masses. He's delivered corporate seminars in both private industry and government and wants your staff to start thinking about their own mental wellness and to take action towards living a happier, healthier more mentally and emotional fit life.
" In less than two weeks after my first coach the coach session with Nick my client list more than doubled. "
" Booking Nick as our keynote speaker far exceeded my expectations. Not only did he attract one of our biggest audiences ever, he left his listeners wowed, looking for more and excited to take action. "
" Nick's hacking into happiness seminar was engaging, informative and brilliant. I highly recommend bringing him into any corporate environment looking to create a positive impact in the workplace helping employees gain a better understanding of how mental health and wellness is everyone's concern. "
" I've attended one of Nick's seminars, worked with him in private sessions, and the results were nothing short of life changing. I am where I am now because of the work I did with Nick and I have had the privilege to see the amazing results in others who have worked with him as well. I can honestly say that individuals at all levels of mental and emotional wellness can benefit from his work. "
" What I love most about Nick's teaching is that he makes it sound SO EASY which is how life should be and what I believe in as well. "
" Attending Nick's seminar was a pivotal moment in my life. As a surgical nurse in a high stress environment It's transformed the way I experience my workplace. I'm happier, I sleep better, stress and anxiety are at an all time low and I know the positive energy I now bring to my workplace benefits my patients as well as the co-workers around me. "
" Working with Nick has been a game changer!! With his customized EFT tapping and other methods, Nick helped me bust through some limiting beliefs that were blocking me from experiencing my true desires! Within weeks, I already began to see evidence of my new expanded beliefs! "

Wondering if you're a good fit for Nick's Services ?

Love & Relationships
Love and relationships can be complicated. Maybe you lost someone you love or were blindsided by a rocky ending. Maybe you've been single for far too long and can't quite figure out how to attract that perfect match. Maybe you can't stop longing for someone from your past and just don't know how to let it go and move on. Nick has worked with a number of clients in both areas of self love as well as relationships and has extensive experience with these scenarios and more. If you're looking to make a shift in your relationship game, big or small, Nick can help. 
Coaching and Business Success
Nick has worked with business owners and CEO's. In the coaching world, he knows what works both practically and vibrationally. With packages specifically designed to help coaches grow their client base as well as their revenue he knows how to look at all aspects required to run a successful business, both inside and out. 
Law of Attraction Application
Are you a student of The Law of Attraction who's tired of chasing their tail in search of big manifestations? Having studied The Law of Attraction for over a decade Nick doesn't only understand the concepts, he knows how to successfully apply them. Having manifested a seven figure net worth, an incredible relationship, and successful coaching practice Nick has the background that backs up his approach seeing results both in his life as well as in the lives of his clients.
Happiness, Mental and Physical Wellbeing
Over the last five years Nick has helped countless individuals overcome wellness issues rooted in mental and emotional conditioning. He's assisted individuals permanently overcome mental and physical issues such as anxiety, insomnia, lack of joy or inner peace, chronic pain, addiction and more. 
Career Success
Are you stuck in a dead end job feeling like you have no way out or don't know where to turn? Have a career goal in mind but just don't know how to get there or allow the right position to find you? Nick has successfully helped clients ranging from researchers to music producers land the gig they've been longing for.

The Journey to Real Change Begins With YOU.

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