Understanding the illusion is the first step in learning to mold it into what we truly want.


I help men and women shift the thoughts they think and emotions they feel so they can better shape themselves and the world around them.


What's Nick Known for?

Big Breakthroughs.

Nick has seen many of his clients overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. Big breakthroughs in relationship patterns, career struggles, physical health and inner wellbeing. His blending of tools and understanding of the inner workings of the mind bring inner success to the forefront that drives big outer world results.

The Law of Attraction

Multiple time Abraham-Hicks hot seater, avid fan in the study of consciousness, human behavior and the nature of reality Nick has mastered the concepts of The Law of Attraction in his own life. Specializing in the practical application of these concepts to create massive transformation he's applied these practices for big shifts in his own life (to the tune of a multi-million dollar tech acquisition and dream relationship) as well as in the lives of his clients.

Personal Success

Over the last decade Nick has written two Amazon bestselling books. He played a key role in a tech company acquired for over $330 million. He's grown his coaching practice and is now training practitioners spread over six countries. He has a non-stop passion for bringing new expansion, new awareness, and new understanding about how our inner state of being impacts our lives and shapes the reality around us.

Who Does Nick Work With?


Over the last five years Nick has worked with 1-1 clients in over seventeen countries around the world. His roster of clients has included lawyers, Wallstreet traders, hedge fund managers, members of the entertainment industry, entrepreneurs, CEO's, coaches, teachers and even stay at home moms.

Businesses & Agencies

An experienced keynote speaker at the national level he's shared his message with audiences both on a public stage and privately within organizations. He's shared his message on the importance of inner wellness and its impact on outer world success at public events, with government agencies, tech companies and health organizations.  


Take the first step towards real transformation.

Every month I set aside a bit of time for men and women who want real change. If you're in need of a breakthrough, if you desire to connect with who you really are and level up any aspect of your life, claim your 30 minutes on me.

[On the fence? Don't let your inner critic's fear of stepping outside your comfort zone hold you back.]



Speaking. Seminars. Corporate Events.

Ready to raise the bar in your employee's levels of happiness, inner wellness and overall productivity? Want to host a weekend or weeklong event to empower you and your friends in creating the reality you really want? Interested in having Nick speak at your next event? Get in touch by clicking the button below.



"Nick's hacking into happiness seminar was engaging, informative and brilliant. I highly recommend bringing him into any corporate environment looking to create a positive impact in the workplace helping employees gain a better understanding of how mental health and wellness is everyone's concern."
"Nick's compassion and desire to serve truly radiate out of this book. He shares his story of going from single and miserable and lost to overwhelming success, and he wants that same victory for his readers. Single No More offers clear explanations, step-by-step action items, and real-life examples as it walks you through a journey of personal discovery and, ultimately, finding the relationship of your dreams. Nick provides the road map and the directions- all you have to do is step on the gas."
"Booking Nick as our keynote speaker far exceeded my expectations. Not only did he attract one of our biggest audiences ever, he left his listeners wowed, looking for more and excited to take action."
"I've attended one of Nick's seminars, worked with him in private sessions, and the results were nothing short of life changing. I am where I am now because of the work I did with Nick and I have had the privilege to see the amazing results in others who have worked with him as well. I can honestly say that individuals at all levels of mental and emotional wellness can benefit from his work."
"In less than two weeks after my first coach the coach session with Nick my client list more than doubled."
"Attending Nick's seminar was a pivotal moment in my life. As a surgical nurse in a high stress environment It's transformed the way I experience my workplace. I'm happier, I sleep better, stress and anxiety are at an all time low and I know the positive energy I now bring to my workplace benefits my patients as well as the co-workers around me."
"What I love most about Nick's teaching is that he makes it sound SO EASY which is how life should be and what I believe in as well."

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