by | Jun 2, 2022

Ep. 012: Five Questions with Andy

This is not like most podcasts. Few allow you to sit in on an enlightened conversation with a Master Teacher, and gain the learnings; even have your own breakthroughs…or even be on the show yourself!

In this episode of Five Questions, we talk to Andy, a young 22 year old in Florida who dives into the topic of relationship heartbreak and overcoming the feeling of being powerless.

Key Points From the Interview:

  • Nick helps Andy identify the source of his resistance on the topic of romantic relationships.
  • Nick and Andy discuss the importance of choosing a positive perspectives and meanings for circumstances which we experience.
  • Nick helps Andy using the Belief Tree process to shift his vibration out of feeling powerless and hurt from past relationship traumas.

Value Bombs in this Episode

  • The physical manifestation of stuckness and powerlessness is problems with the lower back while upper back and shoulders relates to feeling not good enough and pressure.
  • The true power in the exploration of the Law of Attraction is in the awareness it brings for your growth through contrast.
  • Everything you have going on in your reality maps back to some perspective you’ve bought into.
  • For any circumstance you have the ability to choose a positive or negative perspective.
  • All negative emotions are rooted in an underlying perspective.
  • There’s a difference between ignoring a thought and changing a thought.

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Show Notes

0:50 – Nick welcomes Andy to the show.

1:00 – Andy shares his awakening story and that it started at the young age of 13, then diving into present moment awareness, quieting the mind and mindfulness at 16. By 19 he was listening to Abraham-Hicks, Eckhart Tolle and started his own Law of Attraction podcast.

4:30 Andy asks his first question – with his dominant looking for help in shifting his vibration in the topic of romantic relationships.

6:00 – Nick dives into the key points to look at in the context of relationships in the world of the law of attraction.

6:50 – Nick offers and runs an Attraction Point Audit with Andy to help identify the root cause of his relationship struggles.

10:50 – Nick helps Andy realize that he has a theme of powerlessness and restriction being practiced in his vibration.

13:30 – Nick talks about how reality is always happening for us, and showing us what we need for our growth and expansion.

14:10 – Nick talks about overcoming the emotion of not good enoughness.

16:30 – Andy asks if it’s specific core emotions that relate to most of the contrast that we experience.

18:40 – Nick talks about the importance of learning how to choose proper meanings around circumstances.

19:40 – Nick helps Andy work through the emotion of feeling powerless.

22:45 – Nick talks about the importance of looking at and working through your negative emotions, rather than always trying to pivot away from them.

26:50 – Nick assists Andy with some Belief Tree work on that powerless feeling.

30:30 – Nick helps Andy reframe that he lost the greatest thing in his life.

42:30 Andy has worked that feeling powerless feeling from a 10 all the way down to a 4 and is starting to feel relief.

43:15 – Andy asks about what to do or where to go next around these feelings of hurt and powerlessness

44:20 – Nick shars with Andy that he has the power to change how he feels and shift reality to a reality he really wants.

48:45 – Andy asks Nick about positive thought practices.

50:30 – Nick gives a strategy for ramping up that feeling of appreciation using love.

52:20 – Andy talks about how excited he is about the shifts he’s just had on this episode.

Nick Breau: All right. Welcome to Change Your Reality. I'm your host, Nick Breau, and today we're doing a segment called, Five Questions. This is where we bring in one of our audience members for a Q&A style conversation, based on five questions they have prepared. And today we're going to have some fun with Andy Wang. Andy, how are you doing?

Andy Wang: Doing super good, man. Super good to be here.

Nick Breau: Good. And you've been doing the Law Of Attraction thing for a while. I know you've got your own podcast. Tell us a little bit about your background.

Andy Wang: Okay. So, I guess, my somewhat of an awakening, started early and back in, when I was 13. But back at that time, it was just awareness of the Law Af attraction. And you know, back at the time, the internet was pretty minimal, as far as information, there was little forums and stuff, I feel. So it was very confusing, but you know, I started to just open my mind up to first of all, the internet, just information out there and also just like, "Oh, there's a Law Of Attraction. Maybe there's some nonphysical stuff happening behind the scenes maybe. But, I wasn't really brought in, but it opened the door. Everything continued to suck in my life, I was way overthinking everything, blah, blah, blah. And then when I was 16, I went through a really big heartbreak.
And then in the summer of 2016, I had the epiphany of some... A voice in my head was like, "Focus on one thing at a time intensely." And that led me to intense presence, mindfulness, present moment awareness. And I just, through that, I was able to really quiet my mind and later I read Eckhart Tolle's books and discovered, it's called present moment awareness, or mindfulness. And then, I dived really deeply into quieting my mind and all that stuff for two, three years. And then, it was great to just really quiet my mind and whatever.
But I stagnated, life went downhill again. Had another heartbreak, really devastating breakup or heartbreak, whatever. And then, eventually that led me to realizing, "Okay, something needs to change." And that's when I got into thinking positive thoughts, Abraham Hicks, type of stuff. And this is 2019, started a podcast, started a Twitter, started just thinking a little bit of positive thoughts, one or two minutes of appreciation. And that just completely changed my life, even just a little bit of that. Then basically, ever since then, just adding in more appreciation, more positive thoughts, whatever, and my life, really skyrocketed there. And now, I'm a baby version of Nick, I'm out here.

Nick Breau: So, you mentioned Abraham Hicks. So, who are your few most impactful teachers or favorite teachers, that come to mind?

Andy Wang: My Mount Rushmore. Oh, shoot. So definitely Abraham Hicks, for sure, who I resonate with most. Bentinho, is obviously, ignited a little bit of Bashar, but...

Nick Breau: You mentioned Eckhart Tolle, too?

Andy Wang: Oh yeah, Eckhart Tolle. But, Eckhart Tolle just for, as far as my main technique for acquiring my mind, releasing negative thoughts, is through mindfulness. And I got to throw Nick in there too, your book right there.

Nick Breau: Awesome, off top of my head.

Andy Wang: Joe Vitale, back in the day. Yeah.

Nick Breau: Okay, awesome. So we're going to play with some five questions. You got some questions lined up?

Andy Wang: Yes. All right, cool. So this is what I... My dominant intent is for you to help me transform, shift my vibration on the topic of relationships, romantic relationship. I know, you're the master of this. So what's funny is, I feel like I'm doing pretty well on this topic, as far as... Yeah, I was really, really struggling, but I think, because I'm a spiritual teacher. I coach people, I help people break through it constantly as well, but definitely I know, you are a level above, especially on this topic.
But just, so basically, this is... I've been through, I guess, a lot of heartbreaks in my life that, that's definitely the topic of... I guess, I feel every area of my life, once I became aware that, okay, releasing negative thoughts is really powerful. Releasing resistance, is really powerful, when it comes to, I guess, manifesting or whatever. I apply that.

Nick Breau: That's the name of the game, right?

Andy Wang: Right, right.

Nick Breau: Okay. So let's talk about relationships. So I'll give you the low down on relationships. In the one on one work that I did for years, most people are looking to manifest money, relationships, health, those are the top three. So in the topic of relationships, what I realized, is that there's five archetypes. I call them the archetypes of attraction. They're in the latest book, The Power of Manifesting.

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: And again, it comes back to these Law Of Attraction principles, where your outer reality is a reflection of your interstate of being. So for example, somebody who carries a lot of emotion of abandonment, is going to typically attract partners who are maybe emotionally closed up, or who might ghost them frequently. People who carry emotions of maybe unworthiness or not good enough, often attract relationships where their partners treat them poorly, who might cheat on them. So, things that reflect those emotions that we carry. So, on the topic of relationships, how about we do a really quick attraction point audit? Just to see, if we can identify if there's a pattern there for you, how does that sound?

Andy Wang: There's definitely a pattern, but yes, let's do this.

Nick Breau: Perfect. Okay. So we're just going to look at a few different circumstances and we're going to see what the negative emotions are, that are present in those circumstances that come up. So right now, do you work? Do you have a job?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Yeah? And when you think about your work, what is the worst or hardest part about your job? Is it something like a boss that micromanages you? Is it not enough pay? Can you think of one thing about your job, that feels the most contrasting?

Andy Wang: Yeah. Okay. So first of all, I've been in the last year or two, once I became aware, it's all about internal whatever, I was... I've been clearing a lot. So things have gotten like amazingly better. So, I used to be very uncomfortable, but now... So I'm not saying I'm perfectly clear but now, there's a little bit of feelings of effort, little bits of feeling of...

Nick Breau: Okay. So when you go to that specific work circumstance, what would be the one or two do emotions, that work triggers in you?

Andy Wang: Well, right now it's really good on that topic. I work with my family, it's been really good, that's definitely dominant. It's been paradise, honestly. But as far as... There's definitely little bits of feelings of... literally a tiny bit of feeling, just being a little uncomfortable. Just because, you're at a place, for a slotted amount of time, maybe a little...

Nick Breau: Keep going. And that uncomfortable feeling, I want to tie that to an emotion, if you could tie that to an emotion.

Andy Wang: Just for me right now, just physical... A little, okay, this is a few little things. But for example, one is just the feeling of being a little bit restricted, as far as, I'm not completely free right now. But, I've been really working on it, phasing that out.

Nick Breau: No, that's perfect. Restricted, it's a good answer. Okay, so now let's look at relationships. So, how many significant relationships, would you say you've been in?

Andy Wang: So here's the deal. I've... The pattern is, I would be talking to a girl, in that phase, where we're both attracted to each other. And then, something just terrible, just happens where everything just falls apart and then...

Nick Breau: So when things fall apart, when you're talking to a girl, what emotion does that trigger in you? That makes me feel...

Andy Wang: Okay. So, one more thing. So when things fall apart, then this is the part that hurts a lot, is then every time something for me really devastating happening, it involves them and other people, I would just say, I don't even want to put more detail to that, but it's very devastating. Very...

Nick Breau: And what emotion, does it trigger?

Andy Wang: Dude, it just feels so devastating and heartbreaking. And dude, I want to even say embarrassing. I don't, I can't... See, I'm trying to think of the worst word, absolutely...

Nick Breau: So not good enough, unworthy, powerless?

Andy Wang: Powerless.

Nick Breau: Think of one emotion, powerless.

Andy Wang: Powerless. Yes, perfect.

Nick Breau: Okay.

Andy Wang: Yeah, that feels, very, very powerless.

Nick Breau: And that powerless feeling, if you go back to the heartbreaking relationships that you've had, can you see this, feel this theme of powerlessness, in those relationships?

Andy Wang: Oh yeah, same feeling. It's the same, just it's the worst feeling. It's... Powerless is not even strong enough.

Nick Breau: Now, do you see the link between the word restricted, which you used in the work family situation, and the word powerless?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Do you see how it's the same energy?

Andy Wang: Wow, bro. Yeah.

Nick Breau: Now, what about physical conditions? How's your lower back?

Andy Wang: Bro, stop. That's the one thing, I guess, yeah. I feel really healthy, I'm young, but I am noticing. My lower back, seems to be... I thought it was just because I sleep a lot, but now that I think about it. Yeah, my lower back, just a little bit stiff and sometimes my neck, is just a tiny bit stiff.

Nick Breau: Yeah, so lower back. So again, physical reality being reflection of our interstate of being, that also goes for physical conditions. So the two physical conditions that I see the most, are lower back. Lower back relates to powerlessness, stuck, lack of support. Upper back, relates to not good enough stress, pressure, overwhelm.
So, I'm not psychic. I didn't just psychically say, "Oh, Andy's got issues with his lower back." Me knowing, that dominance and powerlessness and feeling restricted in your vibration, likely leads to lower back. So the fact that you confirm yes, lower back, to me, that's a sign that the emotion of powerlessness and restriction, is your dominant source of resistance. And that would also impact things, like finances. It would impact, feeling stuck-ness, fairly frequently. Does that make sense?

Andy Wang: Bro, dude, you're a magician. That's crazy.

Nick Breau: But here's the thing, it's not magic. It's just understanding the laws of the universe, right? And this is why a Law Af attraction is so powerful. Most people, when they come to Law Of Attraction, they're like, "Ooh, it's just about building a vision board. And then focusing on that thing that you want so hard that you're going to get it." And really, the true power in Law Of Attraction, is about how your reality is always telling you, what it is that you need to learn, right?
I think it's Wayne Dyer that said, "Reality doesn't happen to you. It's happening for you." And in the way that reality is happening for you, is that the circumstances in our reality, through contrast, most of the time, are showing us what it is that we've pinched off in ourselves. So, if I've pinched off my ability to perceive my worthiness, then my reality is going to reflect back to me, unworthiness, to say, "Hey Nick, you're practicing unworthiness. This is something for you to heal. This is something for you to overcome." Right?

Andy Wang: Right, right.

Nick Breau: And everybody has this stuff. And it's okay to understand, the biggest, the most common, dominant, negative emotion that I see, is this feeling of not good enough-ness. So instead of trying to push against it, and "I'm going to prove my good enough-ness," it's about going within and saying, "Hey, why do I feel that feeling? Where did it come from? Was it my dad who treated me, like I wasn't good enough as a child, and I bought into it?"
And then, it's about working through those emotions. And as you work through what's going on inside of you, then your outer reality begins to change. And most of this programming, if not all of it, comes from childhood. So you, with feelings of powerlessness, you might have grown up in an environment, where maybe one of your parents was very controlling?

Andy Wang: Yes. Yeah.

Nick Breau: Right?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: So again, that's all part of the path, and all part of the journey of expansion. Makes sense?

Andy Wang: Yeah. I mean, I'm very familiar with this stuff, but you are just pinpointing on a whole different level, wow.

Nick Breau: Yeah. And, eventually you get to a point with Law Of Attraction, that you realize that it's not about the manifestation. So what I say in my membership community, is that manifestation is old news, right. The art of manifestation is what draws most people to Law Of Attraction, because people are seeking so many things in the reality, to feel good. But the true power in this work is in the clues, the hints, that it's providing to you about yourself.
And, that's where you want to go, for your growth and for your expansion. And, to strengthen that connection with your inner being and to build those intuitive muscles. And that's when reality really starts to change in a big way and it's really magical. And it's why I do this work. I don't do this work to help people manifest, even though I'm helping people manifest all the things. The beauty in this work, is how good you can feel and how amazingly positive the physical reality experience can be, if you allow it to be, which happens when you work through your stuff.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: Awesome. So do you want to move on? Now that you know exactly what you want to work on, which for you is powerlessness. Do you want to talk more about that? Or do you have other questions, you want to dive into?

Andy Wang: Oh, let's talk more, I definitely have more questions. So, it seems, because you talk about all this in the book and I've read those chapters. But now, I'm seeing. So, are you...

Nick Breau: Is this the one here?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: So anybody who's watching, Power Manifesting, it's up on Amazon. Sorry. Keep going.

Andy Wang: Yeah man, of course. So, you are able to just pinpoint these things to specific emotions, like abandonment and powerlessness. As I was reading it in the book, my mind was like, "Man, Nick is really just pinpointing all of it into these... almost, just these few core emotions," and I'm just like, "This is too good to be true." But is this, what you do? As far as... Is it just these core emotions, that you find for...

Nick Breau: It's all emotions and all beliefs and all perspectives, right. So, my background is computer science. I did 10 years in tech, I was part of a company that was acquired for 300 and some million, walked away from that world, walked into this one. And, the reason that I'm good at what I do, is because of those analytical skills that I developed, analyzing computer code. And I love to explain that to people, that human beings are just like computers. The only difference is that computer software, source code is what dictates its behavior. And for human beings, the source code isn't code on a computer, it's the perspectives, the beliefs, the emotions that we carry, right? And, once you understand that the Law Af attraction is a law, just like gravity, that it's consistent, right? You can understand that, everything that's going on out here, is a reflection of something I'm believing.
And, I love how teachers like Bashar say that, "All circumstances are inherently neutral." We get to choose the meaning of circumstance, right? So if you assign a meaning to circumstance, like contrast of... So let's say contrast shows up, let's say it's another bad breakup, okay? You get to choose the meaning, of that circumstance. You get to decide, "Oh, not this again. I'm such a victim, poor me. I'm doomed, somebody placed a voodoo curse on me. I'm never going to win at love." So that's, one perspective. And what reality, do you believe that perspective is going to create?

Andy Wang: It's more...

Nick Breau: Not your preferred reality, right? Now, another perspective you can choose is, "Ooh, okay. This again. While this is trying to show me, that there's something that I'm still practicing." And, that's the value in that contrast and that's a beautiful thing. And I know that if I stick with this, if I go within and if I keep working on this, with every belief that I shift, with every negative emotion that I release, I get closer and closer to the reality that I really want, right.
So again, on any circumstance, you can choose a negative perspective, you can choose a positive perspective. Even on the topic of emotions. So, what's the opposite of powerlessness? Which is what...

Andy Wang: Empowerment.

Nick Breau: Practice. Empowerment. What about freedom? What feels juicier to you? Free, powerful.

Andy Wang: Freedom. Freedom, okay.

Nick Breau: Freedom, perfect.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: So freedom, is an emotion, right?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: You don't need to validate your way, into being able to practice the emotion of freedom. You can just take it. Can you think of one thing, that creates a feeling of freedom?

Andy Wang: One thing, like externally?

Nick Breau: Yeah. So, today...

Andy Wang: Or a memory?

Nick Breau: So, do you work today?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: And, from the moment you wake up, to the moment you have to go to work, can you do whatever you want, during that time?
So, do you have the freedom to go outside and take a dog for a walk, if you wanted to?

Andy Wang: Right now? Yeah. Before I go to the restaurant, for sure. Yeah, go for a walk.

Nick Breau: Can you feel the freedom that, "Oh, I've got the freedom to go outside and go for a walk. I've got the freedom to jump on this recording with Nick. I've got the freedom, to go make a green smoothie, if I want to."

Andy Wang: Right. I do have a lot of freedom, for sure. Now, that I could...

Nick Breau: How often do you take the time, to slow down and tune into that freedom?

Andy Wang: I do spend a little bit of time, just a little bit, just, appreciating my freedom and just a little bit. But not really, to the point where you're talking about, where you're just honing in.

Nick Breau: And the point that I'm trying to make here, is that energy, that essence, that feeling of freedom, is always available to you at any point.

Andy Wang: Yes, of course. Yeah, okay. Got it.

Nick Breau: Same as, good enough-ness. So, a lot of people feel they're not good enough. And then, they're trying to justify, validate, find a reason to feel good enough. "Ooh, I'll feel good enough, once I have that certificate on the wall, I'll feel good enough once I'm living on my own. I'll feel good enough once I've got that promotion."

Andy Wang: Wow, yeah. External, yeah.

Nick Breau: Good enough-ness is just an energy, it's just a vibration and it's always available to you. You don't need external validations, to tune into these positive emotional states.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: And you can work your way, into these positive emotional states. And when you make them consistent in your vibration, your reality will begin to respond to that.

Andy Wang: Damn, man. Yeah, dude. It's all in your book too. But man, so I guess, where I'm at in my baby journey is, I'm aware of that, but I'm not doing the bit to pinpoint, to the exact emotion. I'm just doing... Thinking positive thoughts. I've recently, started...

Nick Breau: I love this topic. I love this topic. I want to talk about the positive. So, Abraham Hicks, uses this analogy of your cork floating at the surface...

Andy Wang: Yeah, right.

Nick Breau: ... and that's you being in alignment, okay?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Most people, when they wake up in the morning, the cork's not at the surface, the cork is floating under the water. So they do meditations, they do positive aspect lists, they do journaling. They do all of this, we'll call it positive practice, to raise their cork back up to the surface, right? So they can find their alignment. And that's not a bad thing, that's a good first step.
But what happens is, you do this work, you push your cork all the way up to the surface, and you're holding it up there, you're maintaining your alignment. But then, a little piece of contrast hits, for most people. And guess what happens? That cork sinks back down. Now every day, you are reliant on that morning practice and that positivity, to try to get your cork back up and get yourself back into alignment.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: A much better approach, a much more permanent approach, is to look at that cork and say, "Okay, what are the things that are anchoring my cork under the water? What are the things that are pulling it down?" And it's the emotions, the powerlessness, the not good enough, the unworthiness, the negative perspectives. If you can identify those things and clear them and release them, guess what happens to your cork?

Andy Wang: You just naturally going to...

Nick Breau: It's naturally floating at the surface, right? I don't need a morning practice. And a lot of the clients that I've worked with and a lot of the collective members and my freedom leaders, they don't need a practice, because they've worked through their shit. So, doing morning practices and doing the positivity and the meditation, all that stuff, excellent. Do it.
However, once you clear out your emotional baggage and the things that hold you down, the dominant resistance, you don't need it. You can still do it and some people still do it. And I still meditate and do these things once in a while, but you're no longer reliant on it. And to me, that's empowerment. And that's my dominant focus in this work, is transformation and empowerment.
I know, that every single person on this planet and every single person on this call, has the power to live an amazing life, to live a life where they feel good, to have an abundance of money, to have an abundance of love, of friends, of relationships, of health. It's all there and available, for everyone. And that's... My driver for this work, is to show people, not only that it's available and that it's possible for them, but how easy it can be, when you do the right things.

Andy Wang: Wow. Okay. All right. Yeah, that definitely clicks. You're definitely helping me to take another level, for sure. Because, like I said, I preach the same exact things, but you're definitely at a whole different level of pinpointing. I just, real quick, I've been noticing, within the past year, when I was clearing my energy, on just money and my family and stuff where it was. I'm noticing it as... I do it through present moment awareness. So just every day, instead of feeding these negative thoughts about family or whatever, I'm just choosing to not feed it and feed a present moment. But anyway, so that's what I do.
And so, every day I'm deactivating and shifting a little bit. And I've noticed, like "Wow, I'm not even trying, I wasn't even thinking positive thoughts, and out of nowhere, I received $500 PayPal from somebody. And, in my life, just getting better and better, without me thinking positive." But it's not to the point where you are saying... But anyways, you're just helping me, giving me so much more clarity though. You're just, on another level with it.

Nick Breau: So, let's play with this powerless. Do you want to see, if you can create a little bit of a shift of this powerlessness, for you? I know, it's the final questions' episode. Let's play with it a little bit, if you want.

Andy Wang: Yeah. That's all I want, honestly.

Nick Breau: Okay. So, that powerless feeling, if you relax and you get out of your mind and drop in to your body. Where does that powerless feeling sit, in your body? Can you tell, where that energy sits? And if you're not sure, just intuitively, take a guess.

Andy Wang: My heart.

Nick Breau: In your chest?

Andy Wang: Yeah. This chest, yeah.

Nick Breau: Chest and head?

Andy Wang: I think so, yeah.

Nick Breau: Okay. And zero to 10, how strong is that feeling of powerlessness?

Andy Wang: It was a 10, less than a year ago.

Nick Breau: Right now, if you tune into it, without thinking about it, just tune in and feel. What number comes up?

Andy Wang: One to three.

Nick Breau: Okay, pick one, three? It's got to be strong at the moment.

Andy Wang: At the moment, it's not very active. Okay, two.

Nick Breau: Okay, let it be active. We want you to fully tune into it so we can fully release it. And if anybody's wondering, this is a little bit of The Belief Tree Process, that we're doing here. So if you could really fully tune in, to what's there, if you could turn around and look at it, right. How strong is that number? We're going on read, we can't pull it out if we don't look at it.

Andy Wang: Four, five, six. Let's say six, yes.

Nick Breau: You can't get it wrong, okay?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: So I'm going to ask you a probing question. You're going to go with the first answer that comes to mind. Again, it's not about analyzing it. It's just about just relaxing and just seeing what comes up, okay. So that, feeling of powerlessness. I feel that way because...

Andy Wang: I don't want to get hurt.

Nick Breau: The first thing that comes to mind?
I don't want to compete.
Perfect. Don't want to get hurt. And that hurt feeling, can you feel that hurt feeling?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Zero to 10, how strong is that hurt feeling?

Andy Wang: It can be an eight, if I really fully activate it.

Nick Breau: Good. Because we want to,, not activate it's a bit of a... not quite the right word, but we want to acknowledge what's there. Because if we're not acknowledging what's there, that doesn't give us an opportunity to release it.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: So, that hurt feeling. First thing that comes into your mind, I feel that way because...

Andy Wang: Because I love someone and something very devastating happened, and I feel like I lost it. Everything got shattered and I... Everything's fucked up.

Nick Breau: Okay. So is, rejected, the right word to use here?

Andy Wang: Yeah, that's that resonates, but definitely...

Nick Breau: Or is there a better word?

Andy Wang: Just, everything's fucked up. How do you ... Everything's so fucked up.

Nick Breau: Okay. And is that a feeling, that fucked up feeling?

Andy Wang: I mean, I guess, powerlessness is close, but what is it, just the words?

Nick Breau: But let's call it, that fucked up feeling. That's how it feels, it's a fucked up feeling. Because you used that, those same words, earlier in the episode today, I think.

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Yeah. So I'm going to call it that F'd up feeling. Zero to 10, how strong is that F'd up feeling?

Andy Wang: It could be a 10. It hasn't been a 10, because I haven't been activating it as...

Nick Breau: But if you were to fully allow it, to come to the surface, it would be a 10, yes?

Andy Wang: Yeah. It can, 8, 9, 10. Up there, yeah.

Nick Breau: Perfect. Let's give it a 10 and the bigger the number, the greater the shift in your reality, once you release this.

Andy Wang: Let go, let go, okay.

Nick Breau: So that F'd up feeling, I feel that way because...

Andy Wang: Because, I feel like I lost the greatest thing in my life.

Nick Breau: Perfect. I lost the greatest thing in my life. All right, let's talk about that. The greatest thing in my life. I mean, you're only... You look like you're only 20, how old are you?

Andy Wang: 22. So, I look younger.

Nick Breau: So you said, "I lost the greatest thing in my life." Can we append the word 'yet', on the end of that?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Because, you still have a lot of life to live, you're half my age.

Andy Wang: Yeah. Okay.

Nick Breau: I wasn't even aware of law of attraction when I was 22, let alone 13, when you started looking at this stuff. Okay. So, "I lost the greatest thing in my life, so far." Is it possible, that even greater things are available to you?

Andy Wang: Yeah. Of course.

Nick Breau: Do you think your inner being, and you believe you have an inner being, yes?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: ... connected to source, yes?

Andy Wang: Yes, yes.

Nick Breau: ... which is unconditionally loving, yes?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: ... which is infinitely intelligent, yes?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Would, unconditionally loving, infinite intelligence, give you the greatest thing in your life, at the age of under 20, or whatever age you were, for you to lose it?

Andy Wang: No.

Nick Breau: Is your inner being, who is unconditionally loving and infinitely intelligent... Would she give you something that great, for you to lose it and be miserable for the rest of your life, about it?

Andy Wang: No.

Nick Breau: No. Perfect. Is it possible that, the greatest things in our life, are the ones that create contrast for us?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Is it possible, that this story isn't over yet? Is it possible that, that circumstance, was orchestrated for you to gain new awareness? Even to lead you to this moment with me, to shift something within you, so great, that it would lead to things even greater than that, what that was, at that time?

Andy Wang: Yes. For sure.

Nick Breau: Absolutely possible, yes?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: So knowing that, that moment, could have been the moment that led you to this podcast that you've done? Led you to this episode with me? Who knows, where that's going to take you, right? Even The Rock, was in a professional football, in the CFL, here in Canada. His dream, was to be a professional football player. An injury, prevented that from happening, that completely redirected the course of his life. Do you know where it took him next? Into acting.

Andy Wang: Dwayne? Okay.

Nick Breau: So that injury, was it him, source, taking away the greatest thing in his life? Or, was it redirecting him to something greater, he wasn't even aware of yet?

Andy Wang: Redirection.

Nick Breau: Good. So this F'd up feeling, even though that circumstance was contrasting, even though it doesn't feel good, is it possible that it's the opposite of F'd up, because it's going to great... Leads you to amazing things?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Can we redefine the meaning, of that circumstance? Can you give yourself permission to see that circumstance, not as something that was F'd up? But of something that was incredibly powerful in your growth and your expansion, to where it is leading you?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Good. Can you take a deep breath in, and let that settle for a second? That wasn't F'd up. It felt F'd up, because of levels of awareness, but that circumstance was so good for you, because it's taking you somewhere is, absolutely incredible. And it's going to lead you to more of your preferred reality, and more of what you really want. It can't not, because of the amount of growth and expansion, that it's bringing to you. Can you feel the truth in that?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Can you see that?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Good. Now that F'd up feeling you've been carrying for so long, does it still feel like a 10, or does it feel like, it's shifted?

Andy Wang: Yeah. It might be at the eight. I definitely feel relief. I definitely feel the truth of everything that you're saying and...

Nick Breau: Perfect. So it's dropped a little, but it's down to an eight. And if I say the words, "And I still feel that way, because... " What pops in your head?

Andy Wang: I can't, I'm going to have to let go of that relationship and what has happened.

Nick Breau: It's not safe to let go because if I do...

Andy Wang: Oh. I'll get hurt.

Nick Breau: I'll get hurt.

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Okay. And, "I feel that way, because... "

Andy Wang: I don't want to let go. I don't want certain things to happen. I don't want certain things...

Nick Breau: And did those things happen, because of your vibration? Or because, that's just what happens?

Andy Wang: I mean, I feel it's my vibration, because of this pattern, that kept happening.

Nick Breau: And, is it possible, you're not practicing that vibration anymore? Is it possible, that right now in this moment, we are shifting your vibration so much, that this old circumstance, is no longer relevant to you? Once you get, what you were meant to get out of that circumstance, that circumstance will no longer occur, because it is no longer relevant.
The only reason that circumstance happened, because it was relevant to you and your growth, for where you were in that time in your life, vibrationally? Do you think, your inner being would want you to let go of, that hurt feeling?

Andy Wang: Do you think, my inner being is, what?

Nick Breau: Do you think your inner being, would want you to let go of that hurt feeling?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Do you think, I want you to let go of that hurt feeling?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Do you think, everybody that listens to your podcast, would want you to let go of that hurt feeling?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Do you think letting go of that hurt feeling, would be expansive and serve you, or would it be bad for you?

Andy Wang: Serve me.

Nick Breau: Can you give yourself permission, to let it go?
You came here looking for big transformation, right?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: This is your opportunity. This is where you need to go. Are you ready to go there? And if you're not, that's okay, all explorations are valid. Can you give yourself permission to let that go?

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Good. So take a nice deep breath in, and as you exhale, just feel it dissolving a little bit. Feel that love, that your inner being has for you. Just let it go. That F'd Up feeling, is it still an eight, or is it shifted a little bit more?

Andy Wang: It shifted a little more, for sure.

Nick Breau: Yeah. What number would you give it now?

Andy Wang: Five. But I feel very... I feel, I've definitely given myself permission to let something big go. I feel, a huge sense of dropping something, I've been holding.

Nick Breau: Good. And that hurt feeling you first said it was an eight. What number would you give it now?

Andy Wang: Six, seven.

Nick Breau: Six, seven, okay. And that hurt feeling, let's probe it one more time. I still feel that way because...

Andy Wang: I'm holding on, I'm holding on, holding on. I guess, I'm hoping for things...

Nick Breau: But, what if you holding onto this, is preventing something even greater from coming in?

Andy Wang: Right, right, right.

Nick Breau: Do you not think, that your inner being has greater things for you, around the corner?

Andy Wang: Right.

Nick Breau: How exciting would it be, to find out what's around the corner for you? Think of how much your vibration has changed, since that incident? Are you still the same person you were back then?

Andy Wang: I feel, lifetime's different.

Nick Breau: So what makes you believe, you're still going to manifest that same pain?

Andy Wang: Because it happened again, when I thought I was already a high vibrational.

Nick Breau: But it's not about the high vibration. It's not about the high vibration, it's about what you're practicing. So if you're practicing that hurt feeling, you're going to draw it back to you. That's why I really want to help you, let this go today.

Andy Wang: Right.

Nick Breau: Right. That hurt feeling, is it because of, you're not good enough-ness, or is it because of their perspectives?

Andy Wang: Because of their perspectives.

Nick Breau: Yeah. So, this person that hurt you, do you think that it was about you, or about them?

Andy Wang: I mean, I feel it's about my vibration, that I was practicing at a time.

Nick Breau: The experience, yes. But why are you allowing yourself, to define that circumstance, which is neutral, as a hurting circumstance?

Andy Wang: It just hurt. It was, because it's a messed up situation. I don't know, how you can see something like that as, that's not hurtful. If someone got killed, or no. I mean, I guess technically, all that stuff is not...

Nick Breau: Yeah, that's not relevant. Well, it's relevant to you. So, as Wayne Dwyer says, "Everything happens for us, not to us," right.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: If this was trying to bring you an awareness about you, for your growth and your expansion, what do you think that awareness is?

Andy Wang: I was practicing this vibration. I feel... I mean, I've been practicing this vibration and I didn't know it. And then, now I'm aware of it and ever since then, I've been clearing, I've been seeing phenomenal shifts and I've been doing well. Once, I've seen good signs of manifestations, especially recently.

Nick Breau: Good. So does that sound like somebody, who's powerless or somebody who's empowered?

Andy Wang: Definitely, more empowered.

Nick Breau: Because you're taking all of this, into your own hands.

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: You're actively working on your vibration.

Andy Wang: Internally, yes.

Nick Breau: Nobody's powerless, because nobody can control your vibration, other than you. And the more you learn to control and manage your vibration, right, the more empowered you become. So all of this, everything that has occurred to you, from the moment you were born until now, is all about your empowerment.

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Agreed?

Andy Wang: Mm-hmm.

Nick Breau: So that powerless feeling, is it still a six or has that shifted a little bit more?

Andy Wang: Right now, I feel good. Right now, I feel it's at a... Less, a four.

Nick Breau: Good. Do you feel lighter?

Andy Wang: Yeah. Way lighter, way lighter.

Nick Breau: And that feeling in your chest, does it feel lighter?

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: Good. So, can you take another nice deep breath in, and relax into that relief. Now there's still a little bit more work left for you to do, on this topic of this fucked up feeling and this hurt feeling.

Andy Wang: Yes. Yes.

Nick Breau: But now, you're on the right path. You've chiseled away at it a little bit, we've loosened it up a little bit. And the more you give yourself permission to let that go, the better you're going to feel and the more aligned you're going to feel, and the better your reality is going to get.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: Do you want to finish off with one more question, now that we've done a little bit of chipping away, at that stuff? Do you have anything else you want to chat about or look at, before we wrap things up?

Andy Wang: I mean, I would love to just talk about this. What should I do, what should I expect? Moving forward.

Nick Breau: With this emotion of powerlessness and this hurt feeling?

Andy Wang: Yeah. Okay.

Nick Breau: By understanding that, again, all negative emotions are rooted in an underlying perspective, right? So you experienced a trauma, which, from what you described, is a trauma for anybody, who would experience that. And your mind decided, this circumstance means that, right? So you said, this circumstance, maybe it means I'm powerless. This circumstance, maybe it means F'd up, all of this stuff.
But you have the power to give new meaning to that circumstance. You have the power to look at that circumstances and say, "No, this doesn't mean this about me. This means... " Right? This was an orchestration for my growth, my new awareness, my expansion. So you're giving yourself permission to let go of this hurt feeling that you've been carrying for a long time, and you're giving yourself permission to let go of that F'd up feeling. Even if that circumstance wasn't pleasant, which I guarantee it wasn't, it's still part of your evolution and your evolution isn't over yet.
And one day down the road, you might be with somebody, that is the next greatest thing in your life. And that contrasting circumstance you experienced, you might be telling that story to help other people. So again, especially since you're only 22, there's a lot of story left, to evolve for you, right. And the fact that you are only 22 and you're studying this stuff, and you're sitting here with me, most people are double your age, that sit here with me. You're doing amazing, right. And that contrasting circumstance, I can almost guarantee, it's what led you to this work. Would you agree with that?

Andy Wang: To this level, yeah.

Nick Breau: Yeah. So you're absolutely on your path. And those people who are involved, if they're not in the physical anymore, they're still around you. They're still helping you. They're still guiding you, at a soul level. It's just a different type of relationship with those people. Make sense?

Andy Wang: Mm-hmm.

Nick Breau: So, those people wouldn't want you to feel hurt. I don't want you to feel hurt. Your inner being doesn't want you to feel hurt. You're allowed to continue to hold onto that if you want, because that's a valid exploration, but also understand, that you can give yourself permission to let that go.

Andy Wang: Okay. So, is hurt, one of the... Would you consider that, one of the core emotions to let go of?

Nick Breau: All the emotions, are core emotions.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: Because every... All an emotion, is an indicator of what perspective you're practicing.

Andy Wang: Okay, because, from what my practice was, I was just, any negative thoughts that really come up, I would just... So I was more, clearing thoughts that was coming up, but you are...

Nick Breau: Well, there's a difference between ignoring a thought, versus reframing a thought, redirecting a thought.

Andy Wang: So, that's more direct and powerful? To be able to...

Nick Breau: Yeah, because when you invalidate that perspective or that belief, you're changing the thought. So, if you've got a belief of, "I'm not good enough, because dad said so." What you just explained is like, "No, I'm not going to believe that. No, I'm not going to believe that. I'm not going to believe that." But it's going to keep coming back, because you still believe you're not good enough, even though you're not acknowledging that you're believing it.
But if you look at that belief and say, "That's not true, because just because my dad can't see that I'm good enough, doesn't mean that it's true." He's not the certificate holder, of all who is good or not good enough.

Andy Wang: Okay. Right.

Nick Breau: So once you invalidate the belief, then the emotion will go away. And if you invalidate all beliefs that are anchoring that emotion in and maybe that emotion goes around, permanently. So if you feel this hurt feeling...

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: ... you're practicing some belief, that's fueling that hurt feeling.

Andy Wang: Right. Okay. So, it's never just emotion, it's always a belief that's rooting it?

Nick Breau: Yes, because, as Abraham Hick says, "Emotions are the guidance system."

Andy Wang: Right.

Nick Breau: But she doesn't get more specific than that. And the specific part is, the emotions are telling you exactly what perspectives you're practicing.

Andy Wang: Right, right.

Nick Breau: And that's why I asked the question, that hurt feeling. I feel that way, because... That tells you the perspective. And if you can look at that perspective and you can invalidate that perspective, then the hurt feeling is going to start to dissipate.

Andy Wang: Got it. Can I ask one last, quick question?

Nick Breau: Yeah. Go for it.

Andy Wang: On the same thing. But so, you're saying on this and all things, do you not practice positive thoughts about it? And, you just only, for the most part, focus on audit...

Nick Breau: For me, there are no negative thoughts.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: So, there's no need to seek positive, because I just love my reality, right? It's so easy to love reality. I love the coffee that was in this cup. I love this cup. I love the paintings on my wall. It's so easy to love things, right. So for me, I just appreciate this physical experience, it's so beautiful and so magical.
Look at how amazing this conversation just was, between you and I. I love the new awareness that you just gained. I love the awareness that our audience is going to gain. I love the shifts you're about to experience. I love that we've just opened up the door, for you to start working through your biggest blocks, in your reality.

Andy Wang: Yes.

Nick Breau: There's so much to love in reality, there's no time to give attention to the negative.

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: And if you find yourself giving a lot of focus and attention to the negative, that's okay. It's just because you've still got baggage to work through. And as you work through it, it gets easier and easier to not give focus to that stuff.

Andy Wang: So, are you... When you're loving your reality, because I do practice a lot of appreciation.

Nick Breau: Okay, but let's talk about appreciation. So did you do appreciation journaling this morning? Or, when's the last time you did appreciation?

Andy Wang: Yeah, I do a good amount.

Nick Breau: Name something that you appreciated, in that list.

Andy Wang: You, this call.

Nick Breau: Perfect. So, here's what I want you to do. I want you to tune into two different things, energetically, okay? I want you to tune into, "I appreciate this call," okay. See what that feels like. Now, I want you to tune into, "Wow, I love this call."

Andy Wang: Yeah.

Nick Breau: Okay, which one feels more energetically potent?

Andy Wang: "I love this call," that's a whole different energy.

Nick Breau: A lot of people, when they're practicing appreciation, they're saying, "Oh, I appreciate this. I appreciate that. I appreciate that," but it's very surface level. Something I love to do, is walk around the house and go, "Ooh, I love you cozy blanket. I love you, coffee machine. I love you. I love you. I love you." And, again, it ramps up that energy and it feels so good. And that's the vibration of source. The vibration of source is unconditional love.

Andy Wang: Okay. Got it. That's a big difference. Would that apply to, let's say, I want to think thoughts about my career or whatever, being successful, a spiritual teacher. Is that the same thing? Should I even be thinking positive, or... ?

Nick Breau: Love the people that are showing up, versus giving focus to the people who aren't. A lot of coaches, a lot of teachers, they stunt the growth of their business, because they're focused on what's not there, versus giving love and appreciation, to what is there.

Andy Wang: Okay.

Nick Breau: Awesome. Excellent conversation, Andy. This was fun.

Andy Wang: Yeah, bro. I think, you've helped me shift a lot, but I think the real results are going to come, with the new paradigm shift I have. A lot of things clicked for me and I'm going to be able to carry that with me, and continue that throughout my day.

Nick Breau: Yeah. And we chipped a little bit away, at those dominant emotions. They're still there, we want to get all of those to a zero, but don't be afraid of them, because they can't hurt you.

Andy Wang: Yeah. And I feel great and I feel a lot better, for sure.

Nick Breau: Awesome. Thanks for playing. And that concludes today's episode of, Change Your Reality. If you'd like to be a guest on the show, or join the membership community, you can find all of the details on the website, Bye for now.

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