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Ep. 015: A Breakthrough in Ease and Living Without Financial Worry with Danny

This is not like most podcasts. Few allow you to sit in on an enlightened conversation with a Master Teacher, and gain the learnings; even have your own breakthroughs…or even be on the show yourself!

In this episode of the 30 Minute Breakthrough, we talk to Danny, a yoga teacher in Costa Rica who’s looking for more ease in his financial situation.

Key Points From the Interview:

  • Learn a process called the three jar process that you can start doing today to help you shift your money focus from lack to abundance.
  • Watch Danny uncover his dominant sources of resistance around his struggle to let more money in.
  • Witness how easily root limiting emotions such as unworthiness that impact financial abundance can easily be cleared.

Value Bombs in this Episode

  • There are two types of freedom, freedom of time and freedom of money and most people have to sacrifice one to have the other.
  • The dominant source of resistance for people who struggle with finances are the emotions of feeling stuck or powerless.
  • Worry is just an energy that you have the ability to tune into or tune out of anytime with the power of your focus.
  • You have more control over your future by being present right here right now.
  • The vibration we practice is what leads to the future we experience.
  • You can only control the vibration you practice in your present moment.
  • The more fun you have, the more you open up the receiving mode.

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Show Notes

0:50 – Nick welcomes Danny to the show.

1:10 – Danny shares that he’s been studying Law of Attraction for 5 or 6 and is a meditation and yoga teacher.

2:35 – Danny talks about how he is looking for financial non-worry, to find ease and not spend so much time worrying about money.

3:30 – Nick explains the two types of freedom, freedom of time and freedom of time and that most people have either one or the other, but not both.

5:30 – Nick talks about the 3 jar process for practicing the vibration of abundance of finances.

9:00 – Nick talks about split energy in the context of finances and money.

12:00 – Nick uses a few probing questions with Danny to see if he’s practicing any forms of split energy around finances.

13:00 – Nick explains the Attraction Point Audit process to Danny and takes him through the audit to identify his dominant sources of resistance.

18:00 – Danny realizes he’s practicing an underlying emotion of not being worthy.

18:15 – Nick begins to help Danny work through that feeling of unworthiness using the Belief Tree Process.

23:10 – Nick talks about how to have better control about what happens in the future.

25:30 – Danny shares that he is now feeling so much more at ease since starting the call.

26:40 – Nick talks about having balance between energy going out and energy coming in.

29:20 – Nick helps Danny realize that he needs to spend more time basking in the vibration of ease.

33:00 – Danny closes out by sharing his words of gratitude.

Nick: All right. Welcome to this episode of Change Your Reality. I'm your host, Nick Breau, and today we're doing a segment called The 30 minute Breakthrough where we assist one of our audience members to see how big of a breakthrough they can experience in about 30 minutes. And today we're talking to Danny down in Costa Rica. How you doing, Danny?

Danny: I'm really good, Nick. Thank you for having me.

Nick: Awesome. Are you ready to have some fun and play for a little bit?

Danny: Yes, absolutely.

Nick: Good. And how long have you been working in this spiritual, self-help world? I know you're a meditation coach. How long have you been playing in this world for?

Danny: Maybe five or six years. Not too long. Yeah, not too long.

Nick: Awesome. And of those five or six years, who are some of the teachers you've studied? What's some of the stuff you've looked at? I know you do, you said meditation and yoga?

Danny: Yeah. Yes. I'm a meditation, yoga teacher. One of the big influencers for me has been inaudible, Muji, Marianne Williamson. Gosh, I'm drawing a blank.

Nick: And at what point did you start directing yourself into learning more about the law of attraction?

Danny: I think when I knew that when I heard that it was possible that there were things that you could bring into your reality, pull into your reality. And that was maybe a couple years ago and I wanted to learn how, like I heard people were doing it and I was very curious about how it was done.

Nick: Awesome.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah, and that's kind of the million dollar question I think, because a lot of people will watch The Secret and then their mindset is like, "Oh, I'm just going to go create a vision board and I'm going to have all the desires that I could ever want." And unfortunately it's not quite that simple, but once you start diving into the deeper stuff, it's a lot of fun. So what are we going to look at today? What's the breakthrough that you're looking for?

Danny: I want financial freedom. I know people say the term financial freedom, but I think for me on a deeper level it's like financial, non worrying. I just don't want to think about money and to be able to live in ease. A lot of time my energy is spent thinking about money. And I think that I've heard some of your teaching is where it talks about practicing absence versus presence. And I feel like the more that I think about it, I'm practicing absence and I don't want that.

Nick: Totally. Yeah. And I love how you explain that. I like the term financial ease. And I think when people say financial freedom, freedom is really what people are looking for. Most people either have freedom of time, but people who have freedom of time often don't have the freedom of money. People who have freedom of money are typically giving away all of their time to make that money. So for a lot of people, it's really this quest of having the freedom of having both the time and the money.
And financial freedoms, sure, it would be nice to have expensive cars and private jets and mansions all over the place. But really I think what people deep down truly want is exactly what you said, is just the ability to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Danny: Absolutely.

Nick: And I think Bashar, I don't know if you studied Bashar, but Bashar talks about that. And he says that our inner beings and source are always giving us what we need when we need it, but I think a lot of people are simply pinching off their receiving mode to allowing what it is that they need in for themselves. Now when you talked about it a second ago, you said you catch yourself focusing on lack, focusing on the absence of the finances. And that's probably one of the dominant things that most people are doing to pinch it off because if you study the law of attraction for any amount of time, you understand that what we get is based on where we put our focus, the emotions we practice and the perspectives that we practice, the beliefs.
So money is tricky because it's very easy to focus on lack of money when you're in a circumstance where the money's not there.

Danny: Yes. Yeah.

Nick: So have you ever heard me talk about what I called the three jar process?

Danny: No.

Nick: Okay. This is a process that I've given to people. I've never talked about it on the podcast before, so it's a good time to bring it up. So essentially the three jar process is a process to do the exact opposite of focusing on lack of finances. It's to get you to focusing on the presence of finances. And you can do it with three jars. You can do it with five jars. You can do it with 10 jars. Doesn't really matter. But what you want to do is you want to take your jars and on every jar, you want to put a label on it.
And on that label, you would write something down like, I have money, I have wealth. And it doesn't matter how much money you put in that jar. You could put a quarter, you could put a nickel, you could put a $20 bill. And then you put those jars all around the house in places where you're going to see them often. And every time you walk into your office or the kitchen or the bathroom, or wherever you have that jar, and every time you notice it, you read that label and you feel that feeling of, yes, I have wealth. I have money, because you're literally looking at a jar with money in it. And do you see how when you do that, you're activating the opposite of that feeling of absence of money.

Danny: Absolutely. Yeah.

Nick: The goal of that exercise now, you can't look at that jar and say, "I have wealth" and then go, "Yeah, but it's only 50 cents and I'm broke." Because then you're countering the vibration you're practicing. The idea here is physical reality doesn't respond to what we say, it responds to how we feel. It responds to what we're running through our nervous system. So when you look at that jar and you notice that there's money in it, again, doesn't matter how much, the important thing is to sit with it and take 25 seconds, 30 seconds, obviously the longer, the better. But even if it's just for 20 seconds, just sit there and just feel that feeling in your nervous system of yes, I have wealth.
A very simple process, isn't it?

Danny: Yeah, yeah, like writing the notes there now like thank you. This is really good, helpful.

Nick: And now a lot of people will do this exercises and then they'll put the jars around their house and then they'll forget about the jars after a couple of days. The important thing is is it's not having those jars in your house that's going to make a difference, it's you noticing those jars multiple times on a daily basis and making sure you tune into those feelings. And I've got somebody on my YouTube channel, he sent me a video probably a year, a year and a half ago maybe where he did this process, I forget for how long, it wasn't a very long time, but he manifested something like $40,000 out of the blue after doing this process.
And I've had a number of people tell me that they manifested money doing this. And again, it's a very simple exercise, but it can be very powerful if you're consistent with it. Now, something else that can get in the way of course is money perspectives, money beliefs, split energy. So split energy is when part of us wants something and then another part of us doesn't. So for example, I had worked with somebody who had been running their own company for a while. And they had realized that every time that they were about to close on a really, really big deal financially, they would always mess it up. They would sabotage it.

Danny: Mm. Okay.

Nick: And I started digging with the person to try identify what is that root cause of this sabotage. And typically sabotage happens when part of you wants it, but part of you doesn't due to fear. And I was able to take that person all the way back to childhood where she said her father passed away when she was young, maybe the age of 10. And she said, "But we don't have to go there. I've done therapy. It doesn't bother me anymore. I'm okay."
I said, "Okay, but let's just take a look." I said, "Share with me know what happened with your dad." And she shared that her dad was an entrepreneur. They were a very wealthy family. And one day somebody came along and offered her dad a sure shot deal that was going to make them even more wealthy. The dad bought into it, put all of the family's fortune into this sure shot deal, which ended up not being so sure shot. They lost all of their money and the father subsequently had a heart attack and passed away.
So that 10 year old her associated finances with the passing of her father.

Danny: Wow.

Nick: So that was enough of a subconscious programming which she didn't realize she had to instantiate that sabotage whenever the money was about to come in for her. Does that make sense?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Nick: So for you, if I asked you the question, if you were about to make a whole bunch of money, let's say some celebrity contacted you and said, "Danny, I want you to be my private meditation, yoga coach. I'm going to pay you $20,000 a month every month." The idea of that amount of money coming in for you, does that feel unsafe in any way?

Danny: No, it feels really, really good. I wonder if though, because I know about feelings of resistance.

Nick: Yeah.

Danny: But in this moment when I think about it, I feel happy, joyous. I envision my favorite rapper hiring me to teach.

Nick: Good. So if I say it's not safe to make a lot of money or to have a lot of money because if I do, does anything pop in your head?

Danny: No.

Nick: And that's okay. That might just mean that you don't have split energy, which is a good thing.

Danny: Yeah. I welcome it. I desire it and there are also deep feelings of frustration when something doesn't come through or something doesn't happen. There's a frustration there. This happened a couple of days ago where I was supposed to be paid for a service and it didn't happen and that was inaudible. Yeah.

Nick: Okay. Perfect. Let's do a little bit more digging then. So have you ever heard of an attraction point audit? This is where we look at a bunch of different circumstances past and present and we look at the negative emotion that gets triggered in all of these different circumstances. And with about 90% of people that I do this with, it's the same one or two, sometimes three emotions that keep coming up over and over and over again. That's what I call a dominant negative emotion. That's the biggest source of resistance that you're practicing. Now my guess for you on the topic of money is typically feeling stuck or powerless. Do you feel like a lot of circumstances in your reality trigger that fear of stuck or powerlessness?

Danny: Yeah, yeah. I have a period of having everything that I need taken care of and then there will be a season of like coming up against a wall of like, will I have this future need taken care of? Yeah.

Nick: Okay. So let's explore that a little bit. Let's do the audit. We'll see what comes up. And then we'll see if we can kind of work you out of that pattern a little bit. So right now for work, you said that you do your meditation, yoga business.

Danny: Yeah. I have private clients. I also receive a stipend from the nonprofit that I-

Nick: Perfect.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: Let's look at those separately. So one is the nonprofit and one is your meditation, yoga coaching business. What would you say is the biggest challenge in your coaching business? Is it not enough clients? Is it clients are too demanding? Is it... If there's one thing in your coaching business that triggers a negative emotion, what would it be?

Danny: Consistency. I'll have a number of clients for a period of time and then there might be a season where there won't be as many clients.

Nick: Perfect. So that lack of consistency that makes me feel...

Danny: Yeah. Yeah. It feels like-

Nick: What emotion does it trigger?

Danny: Anxious because I want to tap into when it will be available again.

Nick: Yep. And what about an emotion like that stuck feeling or frustration or not good enough. There was an emotion attached.

Danny: The emotion would be like a worrying kind of feeling like uncertainty and even like a feeling of like instability.

Nick: Okay. So really an anxious, unstable feeling.

Danny: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Okay. And then what about with the non-profit. If you were to identify the toughest or hardest or most contrasting part of that, what emotional would surface?

Danny: There are feelings around metrics and impact. And so we'll have a number of programs that we will run and I get anxious around the metrics and the impact that we can be able to show donors and to be able to get more donors for the same is a cycle of metrics impact donors, metric impact donors, and that's still-

Nick: So it's that anxious feeling.

Danny: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Okay. And then what about with your finances? So my financial circumstances make me feel...

Danny: The same. Unstable because they're tied to both because I'm paid from the clients and I'm paid from the nonprofit. And so when both of those things feel unstable, then it immediately affects how I get paid.

Nick: Okay. So everything feels bottled up with this pattern of this anxious feeling, right?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: And that anxious feeling, zero to 10, how strong is it?

Danny: Like a seven, eight.

Nick: Seven, eight?

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: So now without analyzing it, without thinking about it, first thing that comes to mind that anxious feeling, I feel that way because...

Danny: I'm not worthy.

Nick: I'm not worthy. Perfect.

Danny: Wow. That's weird, man.

Nick: Interesting the stuff that comes up once we get out of our mind, isn't it?

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: And that feeling, I'm not worthy zero to 10, how strong is it?

Danny: Eight, seven, eight.

Nick: And you see how a belief like I'm not worthy could maybe hamper finances and letting stuff in?

Danny: Yeah, absolutely.

Nick: And that feeling, I'm not worthy, first thing that comes up for you, I feel like I'm not worthy because... I feel that way because...

Danny: The feeling is I can't name it. I feel it if that makes any sense. I feel it energetically, but I can't like-

Nick: Okay. So there's that feeling.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: Call it that feeling, zero to 10, how strong is it?

Danny: Same. Like seven, eight.

Nick: Perfect.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: And if I said that feeling, I feel that way because... Does anything come up?

Danny: There are things that have happened in the past. No, I feel like there's some things that have happened in the past that kind of...

Nick: Okay. So past circumstances.

Danny: Yeah, yeah.

Nick: Okay. So would you say I'm not worthy because of past circumstances?

Danny: Yeah. Yes. Yeah.

Nick: Perfect. Okay. So are there other people who have experienced the same or very similar circumstances?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Okay. And are those people automatically not worthy?

Danny: No. No.

Nick: So why is it different for you? Why are you not worthy even though everybody else is who's been through those same circumstances?

Danny: It's irrational.

Nick: Perfect. Perfect. It's irrational. So you would agree that this belief that I'm not worthy because of those circumstances doesn't make sense.

Danny: Yeah. It doesn't. No. No.

Nick: Good. Can you let that sink in and integrate for a second? That belief that I'm not worthy because of past circumstances doesn't make sense. Nick knows it doesn't make sense. My inner being knows it doesn't make sense. And now I can see the truth that it doesn't make sense either.

Danny: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Good.

Danny: It's like a rush.

Nick: Good. So that I'm not worthy feeling, you said it was a seven or an eight. What number would you give it now?

Danny: Three or four.

Nick: Awesome. Good.

Danny: It's nothing.

Nick: Now it's still a three or four. And what comes up for you when I say that unworthy feeling, I still feel that way because...

Danny: It's like a what if. Like you feel this way now, but what if. It's like a bank deposit of worry. It's my mind, I'm a overthinker and it's just like.

Nick: That's okay. So that I'm not worthy feeling.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: So I'm not worthy because... Explain this what if to me.

Danny: It is the thought about the cycle. Like anticipation of it happening again. Part of that.

Nick: What happens next week or the week after that or a year after that? Does that define my worthiness?

Danny: No. No, it doesn't.

Nick: Does it define your worthiness?

Danny: No. No.

Nick: No. Worthiness is just an energy that you have the ability to tune out of or tune into. That's all it is.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: It's every emotion is just an energy with two different ends of the spectrum. Worthiness, unworthiness. It's just an energy that you can give yourself permission to tune into or to not tune into. There is not a international board of worthiness who certifies people in worthiness, right?

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: Right?

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: We are all inherently born worthy. Have you ever seen a newborn baby that's not worthy?

Danny: No.

Nick: Can you somehow lose your certificate of worthiness at any point in your reality?

Danny: No, no.

Nick: Perfect. So this belief that you've been practicing, that irrational belief that you are not worthy, would you agree that it doesn't make sense?

Danny: No, it doesn't make sense at all. I agree.

Nick: Good.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: Can you feel that feeling that it doesn't make sense?

Danny: Absolutely. Yes.

Nick: Good. So that feeling that I'm not worthy, what number would you give it now?

Danny: It's not there. Nothing.

Nick: Good. You can't feel it? Awesome. Now that anxious feeling, you said it was a seven or an eight.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: What number would you give it now?

Danny: It's not there because I'm present now. I'm not thinking about the future because it hasn't... Yeah.

Nick: Good. And do you feel like you think about the future a lot?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Nick: So here's the thing about the future, do you worry about the future?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Do you know how you get better control over what happens in the future?

Danny: No.

Nick: Is it by spending more time being focused on the future or is it by being present right here right now?

Danny: Presence, definitely presence. Presence. Yeah.

Nick: Right. So one of the examples I like to use, you understand law of attraction, right?

Danny: Yeah. I think I do. I feel it.

Nick: You understand that the vibration that we practice leads to the reality that we end up experiencing?

Danny: Yes. Agree. Agree.

Nick: So if I'm practicing the vibration of success and I've got five different business opportunities, doesn't matter which one I choose from the vibration of success, what's the outcome going to be?

Danny: It's going to be success, yeah.

Nick: And if I'm in the vibration of failure and I've got those same five opportunities, what's the end result going to be?

Danny: It's going to be failure. Yeah.

Nick: So can I control my vibration for one week from now? Or can I only control my vibration in the present moment?

Danny: In the present moment, yeah.

Nick: So does it even make sense to even think about anything outside of the present moment?

Danny: No, it doesn't. It doesn't.

Nick: Who is it that says your power is in the now?

Danny: Source. Our being. Yeah.

Nick: And Eckhart Tolle.

Danny: Oh, yes, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Nick: Who's channeling source, right?

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: So when Eckhart Tolle says your power is in the now, literally the way you exercise that power is through the vibration that you practice in the now.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: I'm not going to go waste my time thinking and worrying about next month because I know that the more time I spend right here, the better my next month is going to be.

Danny: Yeah. Yes, absolutely. Yeah.

Nick: So how does that feel?

Danny: Amazing. Yeah. It feels resonate, as true, as real, like yeah, yeah.

Nick: Good. And how do you feel now compared to when we started the call?

Danny: Very at ease literally, the ease that I want to call in, it's here.

Nick: The relief, the ease? Good.

Danny: Yeah. It's present.

Nick: Now let's talk a little bit about the receptivity mode.

Danny: Okay.

Nick: Because pinching off the receptivity mode is one of the other ways that people will often pinch off their ability to receive. Now we just dealt with what I believe is probably your biggest source of resistance, which was the unworthy and the anxiousness. So clearing that might have been enough to just open the floodgates of finances for you. Now let's talk about the receptivity mode.

Danny: Okay.

Nick: So do you feel like you're go, go, go, go all the time?

Danny: I can be for sure, yeah. Yes.

Nick: Do you find your mind is go, go, go, go, go?

Danny: Oh yes, yes. Yes.

Nick: Okay. So to be a master at, let's call it manifesting, you want to have a balance of energy going out and energy coming in. And I would call energy going out intent setting. And I would call energy coming in being in this receptivity mode and receiving.

Danny: Okay.

Nick: Now energy going out, when I call it intent setting, it's much more than intent setting. Because everything you focus on is intent setting. Every thought you think is intent setting. Every time you're worrying about something, you're setting your intent to receive more of that. That's energy out.
When you slow down, when you sit in stillness, when you're grounded, when you're present, when you're out of your head, out of your mental body, that's energy in. That's receptivity mode. That's when the best sources of inspiration come through. That's when intuition comes through. That's when the best ideas come through. That's when manifestation builds momentum. Right?

Danny: Wow.

Nick: So for you being a meditation coach and a yoga coach, my guess is you probably spend more time in the receptivity mode than most people, because typically when you're doing yoga and meditation, you're getting in that receptivity mode.

Danny: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: So for you, this might be more of a reminder. For a lot of listeners, this might be a "Oh crap, that's me." But that's all to say to check in with yourselves and ask yourself how much time am I spending energy out versus energy in. And you want to have a good balance between the two.

Danny: Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. And I appreciate that reminder because I still have this cycle because with even especially with the nonprofit, which takes the bulk of my energy, that is always go, go, go. And there have been times where that has been more dominant over my practice.

Nick: So here's a question for you.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: If that nonprofit were exactly how you would want it, your relationship and the dynamic would that nonprofit for you, how would it feel differently for you than it does now?

Danny: Oh, it would be so much ease because-

Nick: Perfect. You went exactly where I want it to go with that word.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: Remember earlier how I said that if you're practicing the vibration of success, then the end result will be success. And if you're practicing the vibration of failure, the end result's going to be failure.

Danny: Mm, yes.

Nick: You cannot build a business of ease from the vibration of effort.

Danny: Hmm.

Nick: Right.

Danny: Wow.

Nick: It's not the actions you're taking in your business that's important. Yes, the actions are important, but what's a thousand times more important than the actions is the vibration you're practicing as you take those actions.

Danny: Hmm. Wow.

Nick: For me, whenever I'm working on my business, I make sure I'm in alignment. I make sure I feel good. And if anything starts feeling like effort for me, I take a break. I turn around, I walk away. I wait for a new inspiration. I wait till it feels better. I wait for something else to come along. Sometimes I don't even come back to whatever it was I was working on.

Danny: Hmm.

Nick: And that's because I want the vibrational foundation of my business to be one of ease and fun and excitement. If something doesn't feel fun and exciting for me, especially in my business, I don't go there.

Danny: Hmm.

Nick: And that's really key to building a business, especially a coaching business. Do you ever notice how the more fun you're having in your business, the more clients show up?

Danny: Yes. Yes. Yeah. It's enjoyable.

Nick: A lot of coaches who struggle to attract clients, it's because they're so busy trying to attract clients they're not having fun. They're not. And when you have fun, you open up the energy and you're more in that receiving mode.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: How does that feel?

Danny: It feels really good. It's a reminder to do the things that I enjoy, to do things that make myself happy.

Nick: Absolutely. That's what it's all really about, right?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Whether it's in the context of the business or anything else.

Danny: Yeah.

Nick: Awesome. Anything else come to mind that you want to look at or explore? Because I'm blown away by how much stuff we've looked at in just this short amount of time we've been talking so far.

Danny: I feel a feeling of gratitude. That's the only thing I can say in this moment is just gratitude. Yeah. I have my notes here of doing the jar practice and practicing more receptivity, deepening my practice so that I can be in that state of receiving.

Nick: Good. Now here's a question for you. Are you now expecting more clients to show up?

Danny: Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Nick: Are you now expecting way more money to show up?

Danny: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Nick: Good. So no feelings of doubt there.

Danny: No, no, no, no.

Nick: Perfect. Well you did amazing today. You shifted things incredibly fast. Amazing stuff. Any final words, any comments, any other questions before we wrap up?

Danny: This deep gratitude to you Nick. Deep, deep, deep gratitude. Thank you. Thank you.

Nick: Awesome. I appreciate you for being on the show and that concludes this episode of Change Your Reality. If you'd like to be a guest on this show, you can find all the details on the website at Bye for now.

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