Let’s change the world,

What would the world look like if everyone had the tools, the resources, and the support that empowered individuals to move beyond any limitation that holds them back. The  Freedom Formula Freedom Leader program is now open – are you ready to join the movement?

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The anatomy of a Freedom Leader

As a Freedom Leader, you know your true power lies in your connection to source. You understand that we best serve others when we lead by example. You’ve realized that all outer transformation in your reality starts from within. You’re confident that when contrast or unwanted circumstances present themselves to you, that you’ve got the tools and support to move through them with ease and grace. You’re living a life filled with freedom, with abundance, with ease, and just by being you, you’re helping others do the same.

As Freedom Leader, you are an alchemist of reality. A transmuter of dense emotions and beliefs. A changemaker, a wayseer, a bright light illuminating the world with what is possible through your own greatness.

Join the movement

Meet the Freedom Leader training program.

Now with over 150 graduates worldwide in over 20 countries, we’re transforming the lives of people around the globe with our certified Freedom Leaders program and facilitator training.

The Freedom Leader community is more than just a training program. It’s a community family focused on their continual growth, expansion, and learning with the goal of standing in a new paradigm, living their best possible life.

The Freedom Leader program is always seeking new family members, with two tracks to choose from.

OPTION 1 : Personal Track

The Freedom Leader personal track is for those focused on their own personal growth. In the personal track you learn the same tools, receive access to the same training content, become part of the same Freedom Leader family as the FACILITATOR TRACK.

As a Freedom Leader Training member, your membership includes:

THE COMPLETE GO AT YOUR OWN PACE FREEDOM LEADER TRAINING PROGRAM. This pre-recorded multi-part seminar is hosted on a Teachable e-course platform where you get instant access to all course materials. The curriculum in this program is always evolving and currently includes every process Nick has used with his clients such as the Attraction Point Audit, The Belief Tree Process, The Freedom Formula Process, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Inner Child Work.
THE PRIVATE ONLINE FREEDOM LEADER COMMUNITY – where you get to engage, interact, and be supported by fellow Freedom Leaders on a daily basis.
BIWEEKLY GROUP FREEDOM LEADER LIVE CALLS WITH NICK answering questions and providing direct support to you as a member of the Freedom Leader family.
FREEDOM LEADER LED LIVE CALLS on a variety of topics throughout the week on topics ranging from integration to clearing exchanges.
Freedom Leaders also receive a complimentary membership to The New Paradigm Collective, a 1140$ annual value.

OPTION 2 : Facilitator Track

The Freedom Leader facilitator track is for those focused on their own personal growth, but who are also interested in working with others. The facilitator track includes everything seen in the personal track with the addition of business building resources, additional live calls, and a certification process.

As a Freedom Leader Training member in the facilitator track, your membership ALSO includes:

ASSIGNMENT OF A MASTER FACILITATOR as an additional support person to help assist and guide you through the program if needed.
EVALUATION AND CERTIFICATION PROCESS to be fully trained as a Certified Freedom Leader.
FACILITATOR TRAINING CONTENT focused on the growth and online marketing of a six figure coaching practice.
ACCESS TO THE SIX FIGURE CLUB LIVE CALLS hosted twice a week by our business growth and accountability specialists.

What live calls and recordings do our Freedom Leaders get access to?

(schedule subject to change)

Are you ready to join the movement

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How life changing is The Freedom Formula?

I had EMDR therapy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, Feng Sui Chrystal healing which all helped but I stayed stuck and felt emotionally paralyzed plus 3 different coaches as I was heart broken and I couldn’t work out why I was holding on to it.

After doing The Freedom Formula I finally let go. I now sleep through every night. I have restructured current my business which I was ready to give up on, I got lazy as hadn’t taken a day off in 4 years! I relaxed! I actually allowed and now I’m excited. Nick thank you so much for straight talking no bullshit, as you have transformed my life in 4 months! I’m now back to taking action, being consistent, closing loops quickly and achieving. For the first time I’ve put myself first! 

The benefit to people is insane  I’ve set up 3 news businesses getting ready to launch them by September plus I’m going to write a book. I wouldn’t of had the energy or clear head if hadn’t read your book or joined your programs – thank you again.

Frequently Asked Questions


The minimum time required in the program before certification is 3 months. Getting through the modules and training materials can be done in a few weeks.


That’s up to you. We recommend working through training 3x per week.
Live calls are 60-90 minutes.


Yes! Matter of fact, the Attraction Point Audit is a perfect freebie or gift call. There’s a training video that explains how to use the APA as a free gift call that can lead to enrolling your first clients.


No. Many of our Freedom Leaders join the program to learn the methods for their own personal journey. Being in the program gives you access to other facilitators who can trade breakthrough sessions with you and help you clear resistance and blocks more quickly. It’s a win/win for those who need practice for certification and those who simply want to work on themselves.

I’ve done a few coaching courses over the years (Tony Robbins coaching program - Robbins Madanes Core 100 Training, Christie Marie Sheldon’s Intuition course, her Mentorship, and Impact Training… and many more). Each was perfect at the time but I always felt things were missing.

The Freedom Formula Facilitator Training on the other hand is The Absolute Complete Kit! Nick’s program is amazing, nothing compares to it! It has proven to be the most transformational and complete program for me and my clients and contains everything you could ever need! 

Nick my life has drastically changed since I joined this training. Enrolling was the best decision I ever made.

As a trained Social Worker with no past coaching or breakthrough work experience I am now barely six months into the Facilitator Training program and I'm on the verge of signing up my sixth 3-month package client. It's safe to say get our of your own way - this stuff works.

I had done it all - a multi year coaching program, I got certified in a number of different approaches and modalities, I worked with 5 different business coaches, and it wasn't until the Freedom Formula Facilitator training that everything fell into place. It transformed my life and continues to transform the lives of my clients.

I have level 3 certification of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), PSYCH-K® basic & advanced, all 3 levels of EFT, Reiki 1 & 2 and a bunch of energy healing modalities but nothing elevated the success of my coaching practice as did the Freedom Formula Facilitator Training.

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